Championship mind set

Championship Mindset

Okay, this is the third day of my blogging. I must say I think I like it so far.


I have been getting so much love, support, tips,and advice from all of you fellow bloggers,I love it. Thank you so much.


Now, is it just me??
You know whenever I get a new follower or a comment I just do a little happy dance. Am i really the only one?? Any new bloggers like me do you do this?


You can tell me, I’m the shy one remember.

So getting to the part of my title championship mindset.


Do you think you have a championship mindset??
What is a championship mindset??

Well, let me tell you, there are five points.



Do you show up?
Are you going to  stay loyal, long after the mood has gone.
Are you still going to be committed?
Is the drive for whatever you want to do still go to be there when the mood is gone. When you have no one pushing you?

And that brings me to #2 DISCIPLINE.


Are you going to stay focused? P
You need to have purpose tattoo on your heart so that everything you do is trained to move you forward.
Everybody needs to be good at saying NO to the things that stops them from getting what they want in life. Everybody!
If it’s not pushing or helping you is only hurting and stopping you.
And I think that’s a lesson that everybody needs to learn.


I think it’s crazy that it’s point # 3 on the list and its also my 3rd day blogging.



Are you going to be reliable?
I understand that things happen that might get you off your game. It happens to the best of us. I’m sure I will miss a day or 2 blogging.  I hope I don’t but if I do. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect.
Everybody fucks up. Like I said it happened, but it’s all in how you get back on the horse and you keep going.
Anchor your actions and greatness, so daily you produced nothing less than great. Nothing less than YOUR BEST.
Consistently = reliable + trustworthy =dependable

Now to point # 4 FAITH


” You got to have faith man”
Martin Pain: Okay, so what’s her number?


Lol a Lil Martin reference. Love this show by the way.

No, but really you need faith.


Believing in the odds are beautiful,even when the odds say it’s impossible.
We have to believe in giving it your all, knowing where you are going, and having faith,even when you’re going through things like
• Stress 
• Challenges 
• Obstacles 
• Other situations
Believing in your finish line, that’s what will get you there.

My last point is # 5 HEART.


Finding the strength to keep going forward toward you finish line, even when your mind or people are saying you have nothing left.


You have to keep going.
Yes, there will be tears, pain, struggles,failures. Your heart won’t let you quit if your heart is truly there. It’s not about talent, money. It’s about the heart that wants it the most. The heart that will fight for it.
This is good for any part of your life like:
• Your relationship
• Work
• Your fitness Journey
• School
It’s also good for starting new things.


This is a new phase of my life. It’s helping me slowly getting out of my shell by blogging.


One last question after reading this blog do you think you have A Championships Mindset?


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