Moments in my life

Moments In my life #1

How do you get in the mood to do a full day of clean up?
•living room

What day do you pick??


Me personally. I need to have a banging playlist to dance to while cleaning up.

Sometimes I feel like I need music to do everything. Maybe that’s true.😉
Here are the apps I use to play my music. If your a music lover you need these apps.
* I will do a blog post of my favorite apps. It will be in MY FAVORITES category. Coming soon.😄😃 *

I need the music when I clean up. I need to make it fun. I don’t want it to feel like a huge chore, even when it is.

Hey, if I don’t clean up who will? I can’t think in a messy house.

The day I pick to do all of this is Friday.


I also do a

MINI clean up on Sunday.


Why Friday?  Its the first day of the weekend and we are and we not really home that much on the weekends.

Hopefully because its date night.
That way we start the week off with a clean house.


If we stay home on the weekend I also do a mini Sunday clean up to fix what needs to be done.


Oh how I LOVE my music apps. I would die if I didn’t have them. Okay, I wouldn’t die, but I wouldn’t be a happy camper.


The first is PANDORA.


Here are some of the artists I like to play whenever I need music.


The second app is SOUNDCLOUD.


I like to play my “Clean up the world” music playlist from here.


The  third app is SPOTIFY.

This is what I play whenever I’m in a mood or I need some workout songs to get me sweating up a storm.


And the last app is Boyfriend inspired.


this is what I play when I want underground mixtapes.
I’m loving Chance the rapper’s mixtape.

One of my favorite Chance The Rapper’s song is LOST.


Now I’m going to go listen to my favorite songs. It’s time to go be a App Jumper 😜


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