Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) #1

Hey I just wanted to show you my outfit of the day. It’s nothing fancy but I thought I would show you any way.😜

Let’s start with me hair.
I don’t really do much to my hair. I have locs, so if it’s not freshly twister I spay it with water and add my oils.
The small bottle is kukui oil anti-frizz hydration oil by organix
It helps with the frizz.
The tall bottle is Mango& Lime Island Oil
It helps with:
•Lubricate scalp
•Nourish roots
•Strengthens locks

Eye roller: Garnier’s Slin Renew Anti-Puff eye roller
mascara: Shocking Extensions
Lips: is a combo of Vaseline Coco butter and L’oreal red lipstick

Now let’s move on to my outfit

My top is a white tank with a lace back.
To rep my Cali love. I got it from Forever 21.


My pants are acid washed. Slightly distressed. No thanks to my monster thighs lol. I also got my pants fromForever 21.


My Jacket is also from Forever 21.

I didn’t wear it because it was it was way too hot.

My shoes

Nothing special just some black flats. I forgot where I got these from.

My Jewelry

I also keep it simple here just some old gold hope earrings and an old ring from a friend.

And my school bag I was doing some blog work at his Grands house.I got this bag from a shop online.I forgot that name of the store . So mad they had some nice purses


Hoped you liked it.


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