Letters To A Father

Letters To A Father #2

… Why did you leave me?
How can you leave me, my brothers and most of all my mother?? She gave you 4 beautiful kids. Blessed you with 3 strong young men and 1 beautiful young lady.
How can you leave that with such ease.
I tried not to think about it. Hey, I lived with it for this long. My missing you comes in waves. You have been on my mind a lot.
I suppose I could have looked for you right? You could have stayed here.
I don’t want or need your pity. I wanted you to be there when it counted. I wanted a father. We needed a father. It was supposed to be you.
-Letters From Your Daughter.


9 thoughts on “Letters To A Father #2

  1. I try to tell people … a woman can’t give birth by herself. A father is just as important as a mother. The only unsolicited piece of advice I can give is making SURE your boyfriend or any man you’re romantically involved with has NONE of your dad’s traits. Because you don’t want to fast forward 20 years and YOUR child is writing the same thing. Break the cycle. Somebody gotta do it. Will it be you?

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