Letters To A Father

Letters To A Father #3

Should I have looked for you?
I was afraid of being denied love.
We were supposed to be together. There’s this one moment with you I can’t get out of my mind. I can still remember the pain from the words you said to me.
It was me, my brothers and you.
We were in line getting ice cream. I was in the back. All the boys got ice cream. And so it was my turn, you stopped me before I even said what kind I wanted. I asked you why?
I will never forget what you said to me. “No… you don’t get any ice cream… You look like your mother”
I didn’t cry nor did I speak.. I didn’t do anything. I just couldn’t understand why you would say that to me. Your Littel girl. I was supposed to be your princess. Daddy’s little girl.

I’m proud to be mommy’s little girl.

I know she will never let me down. I know this. She was strong enough to be both. I will always love her for that.

Why should I have looked when I had the best.. A mother.. That will always be by my side.. My best friend.
-Letters From Your Daughter.


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