My Day

My Day

Like I said in my OOTD #5 post I didn’t get much sleep. So I had a moment of..

“No pics please I’m sleeping “
I had a lot to do today so I had to get out of my pajamas.

My 5 min Pre shower was more like a get in gear shower. my shower went crazy.

The water changed from perfect to freezing than to a really hot shower. Pre shower over.

Washed my hair. I also did a Lazybones re-twist on my locks
I hade some time to play with my new make up from my ModaVoxBox



After letting time speed by I picked an outfit and got dressed. And posted my OOTD#5.

Finally getting to my table of papers lol I cleaned it I first. Then I did my To do list.
Worked on someone Blog ideas. I went to Class.

My teacher talks soooooo slow but I can’t skip or make her talk faster after 2-3 hours of notes. I talked to a company about trying and reviewing their products. That call was amazing. I should be getting a box soon.

After my call I went to our laundry room.

Where I did this for 1hr and 30 mins.
Then I cleaned up the house and had lunch.

After all of that.

Too bad it wasn’t getting my nails and feet done,taking a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine.
My me time was taken up by searching my TV for the sports channels…

Cause it’s bout to go down.
Do you know who my favorite team is?? I will give you one clue.

IMG_2284.JPG lol yes I’m a heat fan. Don’t bring up lebron … I still love my heat with or without him.
My me time was also take up by watching my favorite new show on Netflix. It’s getting so good.

Made when my boyfriend comes home and he wants to play the game or something else. Like now he is home and he is playing the game.
After his game we went to one of our favorite spots…

IHOP lol to have breakfast for dinner.

Came home and hoped in the shower to end my long day. Good night.


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