Happy Holidays

Happy holidays #1Halloween edition

Let me start off by saying…

Are you trick-or-treating or going to a costume party?? Oh that’s great tell me more I’m all ears.

Me?? What am I doing?? He is at work right now. I’m at home with No candy for kids & No kids for candy but that’s okay I have Netflix and Ice cream. My boyfriend doesn’t do Halloween. Yeah I know how can you not be into Halloween!!

I love Halloween. From the costumes, partying, handing out candy to all the little cuties in costumes to being dressed in your costume and getting candy with friends and family. Gosh I love Halloween.

I can’t wait to have little kiddos of my own. So I can dress them up in the little kid costumes. Giving them the gift of Halloween fun.

They are sooo cute right??

Is it just me that loves a good group costume??? I think it’s cool.. That’s just me. I also think it works when your kiddos are young. No more than 7 would be my cut off year for family group costumes.

What do you think about family/ group costumes?

Now onto something we might never do Couples costumes. because my boyfriend is the grinch of Halloween. He doesn’t like it at all.

I think it’s cute when couples dress up in costumes together. You have to have the right costume.

What do you think? If your in a relationship would you do this with your boyfriend/girlfriend???
This is my first year doing Halloween with my boyfriend. I don’t have a costume. What to wear what to wear that no one else will see??

Than I remembered that I had these tights πŸ˜ƒ

I don’t think my mom likes these but I love them.
If I had the whole outfit it would look like this….

I’m really happy I only have the tights.

What did u end up doing tonight??
What was your costume??
Did you party or were you about that candy life??

And how many times did I say costumes?


14 thoughts on “Happy holidays #1Halloween edition

  1. you are right i hate the tights they are creepy but as a rule i must say i do love a good costume even if i do not really get halloween — or most concocted holidays (holy days – halloween — holy what batman) speaking of batman who needs permission for a good costume why not be batman every day???? Ok maybe not every day but when the mood strikes!

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    1. I knew you would see it that way.. No one really needs permission to dress up look at Lady Gaga everyday is halloween for her. I do love her spirit tho. Everybody is worried about how others look at them. Me? Now I’m starting not to care. I wouldnt go for batman every day but i will rock a Wonder Woman costume and this will be my line.. There is a part taken from a very smart Woman with a Little spin of my own.
      ” I’m ready for anything! Why cause I’m Wonder Woman and I dont cry”


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