Hi November

Dear November

Good by October.. And hello NOVEMBER… A lot going on this month.
3 big events this month and I’m trying not to get my hopes up and hoping its a night to remember.
• Little sis birthday (my boyfriends’a sis)
• Thanksgiving day with his family
Now the one that I’m kinda biting my nails about is our anniversary. Its on the 12th four years 😄 and it’s our first one together😳 yeah I know but that’s what happens when your in a long distance relationship for 3 years. I want to do something special. I hope he has something special planned but I will just have wait and see. To that I say this.

If you have any ideas of what I can do for my anniversary please comment below.


9 thoughts on “Dear November

  1. How did y’all meet? Online? That sounds like an interesting story … and now yall live together. How was the 1st meeting? I think y’all just being together (alone) in each other’s face is awesome

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    1. We e meet in oakland at the school he went to. Yeah and now we live together in Ga. The first meeting was not like me at all im super shy but with him a couldnt shut up lol. That day i asked him just sbout every question in the book and found out that he was going back to Ga soon and in my mind i was like oh well..days later i he saw me at school but didnt know it was me. His friend was like who??? Oh thats Ayo. I game him a hug from the back he still didnt know who i was. His response was “get off..of oh hey :)” we talked some more ( more like flirting) he asked for my number and as i was putting my area code i remembered that he was leaving so i didnt put in the rest. Days later i was with my friend Dimond ( the one that brought him over in the beginning) I was with her on the bus and alot of high school kids. I said that we should get off at the next stop. When we got off we were right in front of his house on the night he was leaving cali to go back to Ga. He walked us to my house after i told him how long the walk was..he didnt care than after about 10 blocks he gavr me a hug and we exchanged number and we went on our way… we talked everyday till Nov 12,2011 when we started going out. 🙂 sorry this is so long.

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  2. Congratulations! Maybe sending him a letter in the mail telling him why and how much you love him. I’m letting everyone know that every Saturday I will be sending everyone a short note letting everyone know what’s going on with my blog. This week has mainly been photos, a short story, etc. Next week I’m working on some new exciting photos and many great articles on health, business, more short stories, etc. You’re a great writer and I always enjoy reading your posts. I hope you have a great anniversary!

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    1. That’s a great idea and I will try that. Awesome idea for sending Little notes to everybody’s about your blog. Aww thanks it means a lot you have great work and I also love your writing can’t wait to see more of your pics in your blog. Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

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