My Day

My Day #2

Hey hey that’s a pic of me being crazy in the morning lol.

Today we went to his grand mothers house today and I was put to work lol I didn’t mind I loving hanging out with his family.
I have always been into taking pictures of the sky and any thing really.. If it gets my attention. This is a great way to start off my day being grateful for another beautiful day on earth.
And loving the little things in life.

This is us going to kohl’s to shop for….

Yes we went shopping for drapes.

It was fun lots of laughs. I also found this really cute sweaters but I didn’t get it.. I got a pic tho and that’s good for now 😊


Then we went to Walmart.

Where I got some yarn. It was needed. I felt like I was going crazy with out making beanies or doing something creative with my hands.

I also have a customer and I forgot the Orange lol…

We had good laughs about it hopefully I’m going back and getting some orange yarn tomorrow so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Then I have to deal with my pay pal but that’s another story.

This is what I got cant wait to start.
Than I helped with his grandmother house. I love her room.

I love the colors in her room. We got done with the drapes sorry no pictures of the finished product. Maybe next time I go to grands house.
Than we got to watch the Miami dolphins (His team) versus San Diego Chargers.

New England Patriots (My team) versus the Denver Broncos.

What can I say we love our teams and this is why!! Miami Heat play later on tonight can’t wait hope it’s a win. We have been good so far 2-0 let’s make it 3-0.
Now we’re off to DQ. Had to take some more pics of God’s artwork.

As the sun is going down and were on our way to get some ice cream.

Lol as you can see I didn’t get ice cream.. I got a smoothie 😊. It wasn’t all that goodπŸ˜” but oh well.. Now we’re home bound for the night to watch the Miami Heat versus Toronto Raptors game.

Home 😊 here is another photo I took of God’s artwork. Now I’m watching the game and it’s soooo close.

It’s a nail bitter but I know we’re going to win this.

And we win it’s such a great night. And to that I can sleep like a baby.
Goodnight 😘


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