My Day

My Day # 5

Hey how did you day go??
Mines was okay didn’t really do much got up at 7am and did a workout.

Instead of repeating it 3 times I did it 6 times and got a nice little sweat going and it felt great.
Than it was..

After my nice hot shower I got dresses for the day..

We went and got some lunch before he went into work.. Then off he went.

I worked on some more knitting. In my little corner.

I want to check the mailbox not one time but 2 times. I don’t know why but our mail person comes twice a day.. Weird huh??
Anyway there was no mail but I got a nice pic of god’s art work for the day.


My walk back to the house was nice lol no kids running around just yet. Back to my knitting corner where I finished my black and red infinity Scarf.

I also tried my hand at a turban headband

No I’m just waiting on my boyfriend to get off work so we can go and shop for food cause we don’t have any in the house and I’m sooo hungry.

That’s was my day comment below I want to know how your day was.


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