Product Review

Product Review #1

So I got the chance to review a company’s products for 7 days. Which is why you haven’t seen any products…Yes I have been holding out on you guys. You have already seen my UMBOX ME #2 Modere Beauty Box blog to see the company’s product.


The company is called Modere.

And I got to try out there Beauty Box.
I love trying out new products and a great way to do that is trying out Monthly Subscription or a Beauty Box like this one from Modere.
About The Company.
• A revolutionary new approach to safe, clean, high performance lifestyle essentials.
• Based on naturally derived ingredients and intuitive formulas.
•Products are designed specifically to enhance your unique beauty and individual authentic look.
Company Claims.
“As you consider our brand promise of creating stylish, safe,smart products ,notice the difference in your hair and skin in just a few days”
– Modere

I know all the girls out there are like WOW. Pretty powerful claims right? Let’s see if they live up to it.
So after hearing about the company, it’s claims. I bet you want to know how Modere works.

How It Works
Step 1: Try It

They give you small samples to try out the products for 7 days. They also give you a gift for trying there beauty box. They give you a little booklet that gives you information on each product.
•About the product
•Key Ingredients
•How it works
•Price of products
•You + product section

Step 2: Love It

They give you 7 days to fall in love, in like,or hate it but I’m pretty sure you won’t hate it. If you fall in love with their products keep them and they will charge it to your card based on the amount of what products you keep. If you didn’t like the products on the 7 day you send all of the full sized products back to the company. They give you a prepaid shipping label to send back the products.
So you send back all the full sized products and you keep the samples and the gift they send you.
Step 3: Buy It

Like I went over in step 2. If you love it keep it. If you don’t send it back.
This is not free they will charge you for the products that you keep so if you don’t like it or can’t afford it send it back. They get your card infor when they sign you up for the box.

If you like all the products. They will charge your card for $79.99 plus tax ( saving you $50) and you don’t send anything back… It’s all yours Hunny!!

Step 4: Keep It

If you keep just one product you will be charged the MSRP listed for that product meaning you will pay the $ amount for that products that’s in the booklet (plus applicable tax, shipping and handling). They will take the rest back with no charge.
Sorry if that was a bit redundant for most people.
So when you get your Modere Beauty Box.

You open it u to see the shipping label on top of another block box.

This box is super sexy and sleek. With a silver Modere sticker to close the box.

When you open it you get hit with a po of pink. And your welcomed with a booklet to let you know about The products inside the box.

Let’s get to the products that’s why your really waiting for right? Here it is..
•Full sizes products
•Samples products
•Free gifts

Here are the samples I got plus my free gift.

I kinda wish they were just a tad bit bigger for all 7 days. But I can’t complain.

Let’s get to know the products and my thoughts on it.
Product #1: Exfoliant

•Prickly Pear Extract
•Jojoba Beads
•Bamboo Extract
•Silk Amino Acid
•Vitamin E

You + Exfoliant

Exfoliant claims
To leave your skin in its baseline appearance: cleansed, healthy and receptive to moisturizing nourishment.
I would have to agree. My face felt so fresh, clean,free of dead skin and a little bit brighter than before. My face didn’t feel dry or tight and I usually don’t like exfoliating because all the beads stay on my face for hours.. Not matter how many times I was them off. With this product I rinsed once and all the beds were gone.
Loved it.
Product #2: Anti-Aging Serum

•Rye Seen Extract
•Maca(Hydrolyzed Lepidium Meyenii Root)
•Hydrolyzed Elastin
•Gotu Kola
•Banana Flower

You + Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-Aging Serum Claims
It claims to rejuvenate and maintains the appearance of smooth skin, elasticity and firmness.
The product was very liquefied and I didn’t feel like I had enough. But it feels great on my skin, didn’t make it feel sticky like I thought it would. My skin has the appearance of looking tighter.
Loved it.
Product #3: Antioxidant Gel

•Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
•Dimethicone Crosspolymer
•Tocopheryl Acetate
•Citrus Aurantium Dulcis
•Retinly Palmitate

You + Antioxidant Gel

Antioxidant Gel claims
Works immediately to brighten the complexion it will moisturize and strengthen your skin’s natural defenses, Improve firmness, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It smells like oranges.the product it clear and firm and it goes on really smooth. I love the results. I saw a huge difference with my laugh lines (they didn’t really bother me tho). I don’t haven any lines anywhere else but if I did I would use this and feel good about it cause it will works or it did for me.
Loved it.
Product #4: Antioxidant Hair Serum

•Kukui Seed or Kendi Oil
•Argan Oil
•JojobaSeed Oil
•Ethyl Macedamiate
•Tamanu or Nyamplung Oil

You + Antioxidant Hair Serum

Antioxidant Hair Serum claims
It enhances hair strength that tends to frizz, split and brakes.
I was on the fence about this product because I have locs and I didn’t think it would be enough for all of my locs. The product was clear and kinda firm I did have a to add more because I didn’t feel like I had enough lol so I’m still kind of on the fence about this. So out of 10 it gets a 5.
Product #5 Dual Action Eye Gel

•Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein
•Glucosamine HCL
•Alfalfa Extract
•Hydrolyzed Elastin

You + Dual Action Eye Gel

Dual Action Eye Gel claims
This gel includes a micro-sized yeast extract proven to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
I have a slight problem with dark under eye circles. I have Insomnia which mean it’s hard for me to sleep at night and when I finally get there I wake up and it’s hard to go back to sleep. Yeah it sucks . This is my free gift they gave me it was very light. Didn’t make my eye area sticky and it seem to work I guess I have to see the long term effects but right now I’m loving it.
I know this is a supper long review but if you read the whole thing you are a trooper.

If you would like to try this product here is my 6 digit code 254670
This is my first review so Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Product Review #1

  1. What did you think of it? I’m actually a Modere Brand Ambassador and will be launching Modere in Australia in the coming months. Great to see all the beauty bloggers are jumping on board to review the products.

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