My Self L❤️ve Journey #1

Let me get real for a min.
I feel like I’m slowly losing myself

…again. I feel like I no longer know what I want, what I’m doing with my self. I’m losing my moments where I DREAM BIG.

The moments where I feel like I can take over the world. I feel like I no longer have the confidence that I can do anything and everything.
I NEED to fall back in love with AYO again.

Figure out what makes my heart sing.

What makes my blood pump with the joy of what ever I’m doing.
Last summer I started my journey. I wrote out everything in my new journal.

IMG_3543.JPG I planned it all out and I was in the mindset to do it.. Then work started and I forgot about it only doing a few things. Not really putting in the effort for my journey. I have nothing but time on my hands till work so this is the perfect time to start. Hopefully I can dive right into this and stick with it. I know it’s not a RACE its a MARATHON so it’s going to require some time. I have a lot of that.
So the things I will post here are
My Weekly Analysis

Write down my week good/bad and analysis it. I will ask myself how I can make it better for next week.
My Self ❤️ Contract

Give myself permission to be me. To be present and to love myself.
My Love Letters

Wake up and write myself a little note of love and positive energy.
My Gratitude Journal

Giving thanks for the little things and the big things. Giving thanks for my hard times knowing that I have good times around the corner.
My Complete Vision Board

Putting my GOALS/DREAMS on a board so I can see them everyday.
My 100 Small Thing Challenge

Doing something small that will help me in the long run right now it’s learning Italian 😄.
If you want to know more about my self love journey send me your comments or you can send me and email I would love to email anybody interested in starting a self love journey. Why not do this together it’s not going to be easy but trust you will love yourself when your done.

So tomorrow I will start with my love letter, I like to do my gratitude journal at the end of my day and I will post my self love contract
Later loves. ✌️


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