SELF L❤️VE JOURNEY #2 1st Day Check In

So this is post #2 And this is a mini check in on how I’m feeling about starting this new journey.
So let get into it.
I woke up this morning and did my workout.
I have my talk with God this morning. I did my Love Letter

I took a shower, got dressed and made breakfast for us before he went to work.

I also got did my day 1 of my 100 days of something small and this time around it working on learning a new language. I know it will take me longer than a 100 days to learn it which is why I’m also adding working out.


I have to say I loved my “Me time” this morning.😄


Although it’s only day one I feel really good about this I feel new.. I don’t know if that’s weird to say but hey. It feels so good you guys. I have been smiling more, laughing and giggling. And I hope I can carry the feeling throughout the whole journey.
And I’m loving it.



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