SELF L❤️VE JOURNEY #3 Contract

This is my contract to myself.
I promise to stay focused. To be free in my skin.
To make the best of my looks,hair,skin and the body that I was given. Give myself the permission to love… I mean really love. Love and appreciate everything thing around me.
Give myself permission to be 150% in love with myself. To stop worrying.
Stay positive in both the good/bad times in life.Stop beating myself up. Read about potential / take notes. Give myself permission to find out who I am.. The real me. Stop doubting myself. Love the decisions I make. Be proud of the person that I am and who I’m going to be. To live to my unlimited potential. To utilize all of my talents. To be present and aware. To be patient with myself. You will drop the ball but that’s okay.. Pick it back up and keep going Ayo. I know you can do it.
-Ayo J.

I think the most important thing in anybody’s Journey whether you’re doing a Fitness Journey, Self Love Journey, Healthy Eating Journey whatever it may be. I think it’s important to have patience. With the knowledge that everyone messes up every now and then. And it’s okay it’s all about how you move on from the messed up.

Are you the one who gives up when you drop the ball on your journey??

“I knew I would mess up and I’m not ready for this. I don’t want to do it anymore I already messed up”


Are you the one who gets back up acknowledge that you dropped the ball and you figure out how to avoid dropping the ball again?

” Man I should not have done that. Now I’m off track and I need to get back to it.. First lets not mess up again. I’m committed to this journey and I will not give up till I reach my goal.”

You decide. Know that you will mess up and then you’ll try again. You’ll eventually you will reach you finish line. its all about being patient with yourself. No one is perfect and no journey is with out failures.

I also have a song that I play in my head when things get hard. If you feel like you need help with your journey listen to something that will get you in that mood to move forward with it.
“underneath you are pure gold”-TK

” cause to me, you’re the bravest one that I see: beautifully fearless in unique. The fire in your eyes makes me want to be… It makes me want to be better, better, better.” -TK

I love me some Tori kelly
And again if you would like to start a Self Love Journey I would love to help you and do our journey together.
Email me.

Later Loves ✌️


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