Organize Your Life

The Start To Getting Yourself Organized

I’m really love being organized I can’t help it.
.. I think I have a problem.. Im a PROUD VIRGO so it’s a good problem to have.πŸ˜„

Like I said I love it and everything would be nice and organized if the people around me would let me do my thang…That’s all I ask. Yet I end up like this..

And I just have to do the best I can until they get in line with the organizers of the world lol.

If your are having a hard time getting organized. I have some tips for getting yourself organized first.


Sooo… Let’s


Tip 1: Keep A Planner.
It’s here to help you. Don’t be afraid of it. You like being on time and in the right place right? I know I do. It’s great for appointments, meetings, events, birthdays if your horrible with dates.πŸ˜‡ that’s definitely me.

My purse always look like this.

This is how I keep myself organized and it’s great.


You can also have a different planner for blogging like me. This is where I write my post and work on them till its time to post.

Tip 2: Start A To Do List
You might be thinking why not put that in with your planner?
You don’t want to put a bunch of things in one book or it will be an everything book and that’s not really organized right?

You can either do a print out like this one or get smaller books like this

It feels so good to have a page filled with things to do in the morning to having things crossed off just in time for lunch. It makes you feel accomplished.

Tip 3: Organizing Your Shopping List
I like to go shopping knowing what I need for the meals I’m cooking that week in a perfect world.
That’s a different story for a different post.
So in a perfect world I would look around for recipes, write down what I need for the meal(s) I’m cooking. With that list I would go shopping. To make sure I’m not getting anything that I don’t need saving money,time, and guilt.
Yes put the cookies that are get 1 free/ half off deal down you don’t need them.

Or if you just want to stock up on the things that your missing you can use this. You just check off what you need. This is not only for food it can be for the house.

Tip 4:
If you don’t like to have so many things with you and your tech savvy


Don’t worried I got something for you guys 2 and yes there is an a app for that.

Well that’s it for now.


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