Empty Files

My Empty Files #1

So it’s about that time to say goodbye to the products that are no longer with me. I loved you till your last drop.
R.I.P products you were good to me. 💐😪


So I have 3 sections this time around.
•Smell goods/ beauty
•Body products

So let’s get to this..



I like to drink juices. I really don’t like water that much so I go for juices and tea no sodas.

Simply Lemonade .Yes this is such a good lemonade. If you haven’t tried it go and get it. Stop reading this and go get it… Okay you can stay and read my blog post but then go and get this. I love it I don’t drink any other lemonade but this one its that good.
It’s natural and it only has 4 ingredients in it.


Ocean Spray.. It tastes so good. I love cranberries and grapes so great combination for me. It has no HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP so that’s a plus for me.

Nutrient-Rich Pomegranate & Berries
With Resveratrol

Heart & Anti- Aging super juice drink.
I found out about this when I moved to GA and I love it. The company’s has another one I’m in love with and it has to do with beauty. I love them both. They smell kinda powerful I should say my boyfriend hates the was it smells. I notice my face clears up after drinking the beauty one. Hands down I would get both products over and over again.


Totino’s Pizza Rolls. This is a great snack to put in the over. We haven’t had much snack food in my house for a min. I make these when I don’t feel like making a full meal just for me. I’m a snack person. So this is perfect.. pop these bad things in the oven and eat.

Ragu Classic Alfredo. We have been eating a lot of pasta. This is our go to sauce to go with. It’s so creamy and rich. It also taste amazing.

Smell goods/ beauty


I guess there were my favorites and now there gone.😢


Kukui Oil Anti-Frizz hydrating oil. Love this it helped with my frizzy locs. And it smelled really good.

Aussie Moist Conditioner. Yes only the conditioner is empty I still have the shampoo. Is it just me?? I seem to go through my conditioner much faster than the shampoo. This stuff is like crack for my hair I love the way it makes my locs feel after I’m done washing my hair. It makes my hair smell like candy. I find myself smelling my hair every now and again after its washed.

Mango Temptation. I love the perfumes from Victoria’s Secret. This one smell is light crisp. Mango nectar hibiscus. I also like to pair it with the next product.

Pink with a splash Warm & Cozy. This is a little body of goodness. It makes me feel nice and cozy when I wear it. This is also from Victoria’s Secret.

Pot O’ Miracle Lip Revitalizer. I love this lip product it conditions, repairs, prevents dry and cracked lips. So it’s really good for your lips. It lasted for about a year I got it from Cali need to see if they have them here. People thought I was a pot smoker cause it said “Pot” O’ Miracle… Like really you can’t read past the word pot???



Summer’s Eve Cleansing wash. I love this company’s products they make you feel really fresh. It helps your pH- balance to work with your body’s natural chemistry. Safe to use everyday. And it smells great. So your clean and smelling great ladies.


Neutrogena Body Oil. This smells nice and fresh with a hint of something I can’t put my finger on. It goes on smooth and goes right into my skin. It doesn’t sit on top and take hours. I had this to my bath and when I forget I put it on after I get out of after a shower.

Baby Creamy Oil Cocoa & Shea butter. I love baby lotions from Johnson. It smells so great and goes on smoother. I like that fact that the smell stays on my skin for a good min. It make my skin really soft so that’s a plus. I add this over the body oil. I have all of there lotions.

Dove Go Fresh Rebalance deodorant. It smells like plums and flowers lol more like plum& sakura blossom. It gives you 48 hour protection. I love dove products 2.

So that’s it till my next segment of My Empty Files. I hope you like it . Let me know if you use any of the products I listed and if you like them.



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