Happy Holidays

Thanks giving

This was my first year not being with my family for thanksgiving and I wish I was with my mother.
I had so much fun making the food with his grandmother.




I helped with the ribs and I made pies, helped with the ham and with the Mac and cheese.
Got into with my boyfriend and were are not talking right now and I hate when we get like this.. But I talked with my mom and my sister and one of my brothers and I feel much better and I’m still pissed at him.. I guess it will take some time to get over it but that’s it for right now it’s time for me to eat


40 thoughts on “Thanks giving

      1. Yeah i tryed that just got turned down for a make up hug… I want to but he can be an ass at times.. Right now he is smoking with his cuzin for the last hour and called me to make him a plate


      1. I can’t reply directly to the thread because how your setting is. But oh I thought yall was together. Yall will when he get there cause I don’t see how one bed gone be enough space for 2 mad people. Don’t go to bed mad

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      1. No, you didn’t write nothing wrong from a technical aspect. I mean, the fact your make-up hug got turned down and then he asked you to fix him a plate. You don’t see nothing wrong with that? Especially the last part!

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      1. Lol right we both upset but i had a reason to be he just didnt like the fact that i called him out on what he did. The fight was small but snowballed into something HUGE. And when he came home it didnt get any better it went the other direction but hey its better now and i got my kiss so hey


      2. Yes fighting is bad when it ends stuff i do agree. Yea i hope he learns and i learn from our fights but its hard to tell cause we fight about the same thing at times but that crazy ypung love type stuff. And thanks for checking in.


      3. His cuzin wanted him to smoke and hangout with him tonight. He even asked me if i wanted to join them and hang out. I said “no im going to let h have his guy time” and they left. Not a min later his sister come and says he wants you. We got donuts and watched a show a bout lions. His cuzin and sis came back they called him upstairs and he had guy time till they called me up so i guess that was us saying sorry lol


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