School Life #2


So I’m thinking about going to school for a degree in HR.


All day I have been doing research and listening to classes on HR. But I have to start when I come back because my high school said I have to come and get my transcripts. But I plan on calling again to see if they can send them so I can start early before I go to work in the summer.
I can’t wait to get back into school. πŸ˜„ I’m supper excited now. HR seems interesting so I can’t wait.

Is there anybody on WordPress that has a degree in human resources??? let me know if you like it. What classes do u have to take to complete the degree?

I have also been working on my knitting. This is how it looks so far.


Oh Good News I Passed my nutrition course online πŸ˜ƒ


37 thoughts on “School Life #2

  1. I’m not familiar with the process of getting in HR but I could offer suggestions on finding more people. Start using a few more tags (no more than 15). Add college to this one. What are you going to do with your nutritional degree?

    Off topic: Have you ever used a guy before when you was bored?


      1. For some odd reason I thought of you a few days ago when I was thinking about iPhone 6 cases. I’m considering getting me a “kangaroo pouch” to wear to keep my phone in. Because I don’t want to hold it in my hand or put it in my pocket. It seemed like that would be something you would make since you knit.

        Used as in for date to get free food, free movie ticket, entertainment, etc


      2. I need to get me another phone case myself. Im blaking on the name right now but im guessing its the same thing as a KANGAROO POUCH… I dont really know what that is at the moment i will look it up and see if i can knit it. I never tried so it should be fun.

        No i havent used them for that. I have always had a boyfriend for that.

        Have you been watching the games?


      3. There are no stupid thoughts. Iwish i knew the name of what i think your talking about but its still not coming to me.

        No i dont like to “use” people cause its not cool.. Why do u feel used?

        Yeah NBA games


      4. I feel used cause I’ll texted this girl weeks ago then she wait 3 weeks to reply to it. And she just invited herself over my house when i said i was ordering pizza. I feel like I was used for entertainment and food. And now she wants me to take her out but don’t know how to communicate. Trying my best to not disrespect her. We have like this hate thing going on


      5. Free loader. πŸ˜’ i would tell her no and honesty is best let her know how you feel if she doesnt like it or respect it ✌️ bye. I would even try saying im no longer getting the pizza and see if she is still interested in going to your house.. Try going to her house lol


      6. And to be honest I haven’t really got into the season yet like I been wanting. I only caught a few games when season first started. I haven’t watched a full Heat or Cavs game


      7. TV will distract me. I really dont watch it unless its the NBA season or on USA. Reason why I bought the first season of Suits from Amazon too. I know i will be more productive without a tv


      8. Google is our friend right now. I’m about to do some searching. If i haven’t told you i just got the iPhone 6 Plus last week. I ordered a military grade case. I wanted another that had a holster and kickstand but I will wait for that one. I am trying to avoid carrying it in my hand or pocket.


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