Happy Holidays

Christmas Tag

So my present from me to my fellow bloggers is a Christmas Tag. I’m tag all of you.

1.What’s your favorite Christmas song(s)?
• I don’t have one favorite I have a small list.
– All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey.

-My grown up Christmas list by Michael Buble.

-Let it snow by Boy LL Men.


2.What’s one Christmas present you remember??
• The most recent one I remember is getting sweaters from my mom.. Loved it.

3.What’s your favorite Christmas drink (s)?
• My favorite drinks to drink during Christmas are
Egg nog


Peppermint tea


4.What’s your favorite part of Christmas?
• Being with my family.

I won’t be with them this year. I will be with his family.. It’s not the same.

5.What’s something you wish Santa” would bring you this year?
A MacBook Pro.

A job.


Lol yes I’m asking for a job don’t judge me. I want to be able to give presents to the people in my life.

6.What a family tradition?
• We got and pick out a tree and we are allowed to open one present on Christmas eve.


7.What’s the ultimate gift you would give someone if you had the money?
• I would give my mom, sister and brothers, their dream house. And of course I would get myself my dream house.


8.What aren’t you doing this year for Christmas?
• No tree with presents under it to get or to give out.

And I’m not traveling.

9.What a tradition that you want to start if you’re no longer living with family?
• I still want to keep the ones I have from my family and I want to add going Christmas decor shopping for the house or making a lot of my decor for the house. And shopping for presents.

And setting up my tree on the first of December.

IMG_4116.JPG while the house is being filled with Christmas music.

10.What’s the perfect Christmas weather?
• I’m a Cali girl and we never had snow so when I moved to go around new years eve it was snowing and I fell in love with the snow.


11.What’s your favorite Christmas movie??

Grandma got ran over by a reindeer

Dear Santa

the mistle tones


I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Tag and I hope you join in and do this tag. Again I’m tagging EVERYONE.😃


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