Work It Out Tips #2

So yes it’s that time again where I give you tips on FITNESS.
Tummy Toner.
If you want to have a tighter tummy just in time for summer follow these tips.
You ready know how important water is for your body. You know to drink water right?
I have said this before and it’s getting better thank God. I don’t really care for the taste of water so what always it’s always a struggle to chug a cup of water. You guys the struggle is REAL. I’m so happy it’s getting better.
So saying that lets get into the tips.

So let’s start off with how and when to drink water. Its best for you to drink water as soon as you wake up. At lease 20-30 ounces of water in the mornings. I keep a water bottle in the fridge.

Drinking water in the morning can help wake you up better than tea or coffee.

It gets your metabolism going.
It helps with digestion.
It helps with your skin.
It also helps your body not retain water.

Did you know!
You’re often dehydrated in the morning when you wake up simply from sleeping for hours. So drink some water in the morning will help.


A way that helped me to drink more water is by drinking some water every hour on the hour.
12:00 glass of water
1:00 glass of water


Don’t just do it to slim you tummy area . Do it cause you need to be hydrated. It’s great for you skin and for you well-being.

And I set an alarm for me to drink water every hour. I hate it but it helps me in my goal of drinking more water.


Your intestines and all the fun parts down there πŸ‘€. It can hold a lot of gross stuff. This is where fiber comes and kicks some ish out LOL. So if you’re eating a high fiber diet I can’t push it all the gross stuff from inside your intestines and clean you out so that you feel better and you looked more toned and that little pooch is gone.
Food with FIBER



You can always add fiber pills to your diet to helps with your fiber intake. It helps stop the bloating and help flush you out so you look your best in your tummy area.

TIP # 3 Eating healthy snacks

Eating healthy snacks late-mid afternoon around 3-4.
This will help stabilize blood sugar. Please don’t fill up on something that’s filled with sugar. Around 3-4 its after lunch and just before dinner. You want to get a quick burst of protein,fiber or something that will digest quickly and It won’t spike your Insulin level.



So snack smart. What ever you eat make sure it helps stabilize your blood sugar and keep your insulin level low. Which is good for maintaining weight or if you want to slim down your tummy.



TIP #4 Lower your sodium intake

A diet filled with fast food is a NO! I know it’s hard. You work, Your tired And it’s easy I know.
So slowly take it out of your diet. It’s hard to just completely take it out of your diet right away with out sliding right back to it.


Try switching to sea salt.


It’s really good for you and I’m not saying quit salt all together I’m just saying lower the amount of salt you consume.
Salt is important especially when you sweat out when you are doing your work out you need sodium so I’m not saying sodium.. Really it’s everything in moderation you guys.


TIP #5 Don’t spend all day doing crunches and planks

Now I’m all for working out and getting a great core.

Let me tell you a little secret.
Come closer… Closer.. Ouch not that close lol.

E V E R B O D Y!!!

If your diet isn’t all that healthy it’s going to be hard to see your abs under the fat build up from what your consuming.


So eating a clean healthy diet and drinking water and following the tops I have here you should see a nice toned tummy just in time for summer.
Later loves ✌️


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