My Day · Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

My Night, OOTD#7 & My Day #7: Part 2

Today we got a brake from the cold weather in Atlanta. It was warm and sunny with Little to no wind at all so I was happy about that.😊

So I finally did my hair after not doing it for a minute…πŸ˜’ yeah I wasn’t really ready to do it. Plus it keep my head nice and warm.



Yes it took and hour.. Every time I do my hair I feel like my head gets BIGGER. Not cool at all but I have to do it.

My make up today


It’s noting much and never mind the huge pimple on my nose. It’s been there for a while lol so I gave it a name lol… Say hi to RUDOLPH and RUDE is it’s s nickname lol.
My Top


It’s just a gray t-shirt from WetSeal I have had the shirt for a min.

My bottom


Are acid wash jeans from H&M I got 2-3 years ago. I loves these jeans.
I’m also rocking a rainbow belt 😊.

And for my “coat”

It’s actually my boyfriend’s lumberjack button up he gave me a years back on my first trip out to GA. Like I said it wasn’t really cold so I had it on my waist.


My shoes

My Air Jordan 4 Retro love these shoes.
It’s kinda sad that I only had 2 pairs of J’s in my life I love them and I want more.. Soon.

For my purse

This has been my go to purse for a min but I might change it to this purse soon.

This is my navy blue studded purse.
What do you think yes or no??
It doubles as a purse and a weapon lol.

This is my outfit today.

And of course I took pics.







Well I hope you like my OOTD #7
Part 3 coming in a min.


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