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My Night, OOTD#7 & My Day #7: Part 1

This is a 3 part blog post so stay tuned for the next 2 soon to be posted tonight.

So let’s get into it.

I was on YouTube like I am every night 😄 it’s a guilty pleasure of mines.


I was looking at a video of one of the girls on YouTube. She was talking about her journey (getting closer to God) and who helped her on the way.
I happen to be on the same journey so I looked up the names she listed. I started to looking at one page. The page i looked at second was chaseGodtv


This man right here… I was suppose to find his page. That’s how I see it. I started watching his testimony and later on when to his poetry. I posted one of his poems last night ” Worth The Wait”.


You guys this pulled at my heart so hard. I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so close to tears listening to his testimony and now his poetry.

I love his poems. They are so raw and filled with emotions. He doesn’t hold back. He has 3 I really like.


“Worth the Wait”
Here are some lines from this poem.
•So Beautiful the first time Adam seen her he spit poetry.
•He’s not just mines , she’s me.
•I like to believe he was made from the rib cage to protect your heart. See Eve you’re worth the wait.
•And through it all I still want you to be my wife, my best friend, my prayer partner and my baby mama because you are worth the wait.

“Words for My Father”
•My papa was a strong rock that stage in our home. Never gave up, never let up my father is a family man.
•Even when it was hard to tell the difference between his life and Antwone Fisher.
•”I don’t care what my daddy did. I’m a stay and raise my children”
•See their father come home and looked on their mama. And they know daddy going nowhere.
•He will never leave you or forsake you. He is not a deadbeat he beat dead.
•Now I think I understand what my father used to tell me “son this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”

“A Shadow of A Doubt”
Now this one might be a long one. This is the other poem that spoke to me.

•You know my truth, and you scared.
•My doubts were preaching a sermon of their own.
•The only thing being tested is my faith in God, the only thing passing is my hope.
•These lines around my eyes are wrinkles they are maps that show the winding roads that lead to my pain…I’m tired.
•Place my finger in he’s nailed pierced hands.
•Let me know I’m not just making friends with these walls when i pray. I’m not questioning you.
•I just got questions… Don’t leave me.
•When it seems like you have all the right questions, but never enough answers. And your faith is small enough to fit in the cracks of your palms.
•The size of a mustard seed skin rearrange whole landscapes.
•Consider the child’s who’s faith has not quite learned the definition of impossible.
•So how much more will I love the ones that I died for before you doubt me doubt your doubts.
•You will see that there just as empty as the as the tombs I walked from.
•My love serves as an eviction notice to anxiety.
•When they cast stones my love cast out fear.
• I’ve never start a work that I have not finished.
•How dare you try to scare me I know who I belong to.
•When it feels like you are drowning in a sea of your questions just know I am there.
•Don’t you see these rings in my hand?See we are married.
•Through faith into questions to that brings us closer you are mine.
And I am yours I promise.

The poems he writes are amazing.
I felt at peace with myself and God and happy about my choice to start my journey to God more after hearing the ” A shadow of A Doubt” cause I had doubts as well.
There is another line he says in this poem that I got to me.

•Today I have faith but I can’t make promises about tomorrow I’m surprised I’ve held on this long

Then my boyfriend came home and around 2:30am he was hungry for dinner.. And at this point you guys it’s damn near Brakefast lol so we had something I like to call DINNER-FAST Lol. We went up having DINNER-FAST @ 3:30am. Then he went to sleep. I did yoga to help the Heavy dinner-fast go down or burn some off lol.
This is what we had to eat.

Lol I think he is trying to plump me up like a 🐖.


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