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OOTD#8, Collaboration News, Fun With Hair #1, Fitness journey ,Netflix, #FBF Pic

First off I want to say SORRY that I have been MIA on my blog . I haven’t really had anything to write about and I haven’t really done anything. Therefore no new blogs.

So I’m going to give you an OOTD#8 and talk about the things that are going on with me.

So like I said I have been staying in the house lately so I have a pretty simple outfit.

I got my “ur fight knockout check” shirt from one of the MMA events me and my boyfriend went to a while back in sep.


My shorts are a Summer DIY. If you follow my blog I were my shorts a lot when I’m hanging out at the house.

I didn’t pic any shoes for this outfit cause I was in the house.





I finally did my hair lol it’s been a min and I haven’t done a “REAL Re-Twist” sense I have been home in September. So yeah I know it’s been a min.


Let me tell you it was a not a fun time.. Yeah I made it fun but it was hell.. My arms were on fire.
I put them in box braids and did different styles.


After I was done I had a fat headache but my hair was done. I was kinda sad because when my hair isn’t freshly done my hair is really warm and not some much when it’s done.


3 or 4 days later I just had to let my hair down and I loved the results from my braid out.
Can you say curls for days?? I can lol
I posted a lot on my hair on my snapchat.
Make sure you follow me😊
Cali Kisses is my name
Send me a pic and let me know your name.

Back to my curls.




/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/bdb/76870857/files/2014/12/img_4457.jpg I loved it and my curls are still in and I’m loving it.

My Collaboration news
Today I woke up to a direct message on my Instagram from a tea company names Nurture tea.

Nina sent me a message asking to collaborate I try their tea and I write a review and post it on my blog and they will get a feature on my Instagram and on my blog. So I can’t wait to get the tea so I can try it out and let you guys know. It’s been shipped off today so it shouldn’t be long before its in my hands.

If you haven’t followed my on my Instagram page

My Fitness Journey


I have been putting my fitness journey on hold for a while and to be honest I don’t really know why!!!

But it needs to stop im giving myself one more week to half ass my fitness journey till I kick it into gear. Summer is right around the corner and I have to look great 😊


Not that I don’t already but you know we All have that last 5 to 20 pounds they want to gone. I don’t want to be skinny I want to be HEALTHY. I think that’s the size everyone should work towards. Never mind being a size 2. If your not healthy than what’s the point???

That means I have to change my workout schedule, I have insomnia so I’m hoping to fix that too but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and most of all my eating habits. Abs aren’t made in the gym or on the floor in your living room for me 😊 they are made with a good clean diet. Oh I hate the word diet so let’s switch it to ” lifestyle” cause that’s truly what it is a lifestyle change.

My NEW Netflix Obsession


Yes American Horror Story 😊. I love everything creepy thing about this show. My boyfriend hates it which only makes me love it more lol. You should watch it if you haven’t.

” A murder house. An insane asylum. Supernatural fears and every day Horace exist around every corner.”
-Netflix’s description
It doesn’t let you down. I love scary movies and television shows cause they make me laugh. I don’t know why but it’s not scary to me. Am I the only one???

Welcome to a Flash Back Friday. I missed Thursday so yeah. This is one of my favorite black and white photos of me.

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