So last night I got my package from the company I’m collaborating with.
I told you I was going to do a UNBOX ME post. I guess it’s more like a UNBAG ME post lol. Let’s get into it.
The company that I’m working with is called NURTURE TEAS


OMG! I just opened my package. I was only expecting 1 bag of tea. They sent me so much different things. I’m so grateful that they sent this to me. If you know me you would know that I love to drink tea.


They sent me so much. I loved the little note you give you.


A little background. It’s 100% Natural, Effective, Preservative Free. And it has a great taste.

So let’s start with the smaller samples.


This is the Strong Immune Blend.
It’s helps support natural resistance all year round. Enjoy this blend at the first signs of colds, flu, and allergies symptoms. For the regular Size it’s $13.99


This is the Total Relaxation Blend.
I need this right now lol I’m so pissed but that has noting to do with this post.
This blend helps relax, ease stress, tension,and exhaustion. It’s soothing and delicious herbal also helps to relax your muscles, headaches and my favorite INSOMNIA. How did they know I have a problem with sleeping??? Also $13.99


This is called the Garden Blend.
I have no idea on what it’s supposed to do but I tried it and I feel relaxed and I got a burst of energy. So I’m good with that. It’s lemongrass and spices. It tastes so good. I couldn’t find the price for this one. I’m sure it’s $13.99 as well.


Right now I wished I had more of that kind.

On to the regular sized bags.


This is called Awake Blend.
This is a special blend to energize you without the side effects , awaken,keep you focused throughout the day, and helps your metabolism. It’s a great alternative to your morning cup of coffee.

This bag comes with another Littel bag to hold the loose herbal blend.

The tea smells so good. It’s minty like Spearmint gum. I can’t wait to try this. I might try it in the afternoon. The price for this is.. Yup you guessed it $13.99 and you is right lol. High five if you know that song. 😊


This is called Detox Blend.
This blend supports your body to help cleanse,rejuvenate, purify and strengthen and stimulate vital organs like your kidneys, liver & digestive system. It’s also $13.99 for this size
•Reduces bloating and Gas
•Increases energy alertness
•Jump start you weight management
• Improve skin health

I will start my 14 day detox tomorrow. It’s a lemongrass flavor me and my boyfriend think it smell like stuffing lol but I can’t wait to try it I know it’s going to work.

So that’s my UNBAG ME Post. Hope you liked it and if you want to try this tea

Instagram is…. @1nurturetea

Twitter is… Nurturetea

Facebook is.. Nurture Tea
I hope you try them out and I hope you liked this post.


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