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Fun With Hair #2 & OOTD #9

I wanted to show you another style I did on my locs.
I just did box braids. 4 locs to a braid and put a rubber band at the end to secure it.
Than I put it in the style and this is how it came out..
Top view

Front view


Side view


Back view



I also miss doing my mom’s hair I love her locs and the colors of her locs it’s just so much to do with them.

And a quick OOTD #9
I’m just wearing a black dress. With small studs.πŸ˜„ so it’s noting fancy I’m in the house today.


I hope you like this post.✌️


2 thoughts on “Fun With Hair #2 & OOTD #9

  1. Yep … I like this post. Thats you in the other pics showing off the back? Hey, I just looked at your tags. If you want to reach more people try using common tags like fashion, beauty, hairstyle, personal, life, women, etc

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