Love why do you hate me?

Sorry I have been out of blogging for a min.
Trust me it was NOT by choice. My WordPress app has been acting very funny. I deleted it and then I couldn’t get the app back till now so hopefully you can see what I post today.

I wanted to do something different today. I just got done with this poem let me know what you think.
😊 hope you like it.


Love why do you hate me?
Love why am I so loyal to you.
When you hold no loyalty to me.
To this heart.
Love why do you hate me?
You lead me in with your sweet, seductive words promising me the world if I give into you.. Love
Love why do you hate me?
You chew me up and spit me out heartbroken and alone.
Untrusting of the next heart he sends me.
Love why do you hate me?
Love you taught me things that I wish I could pass back to you.
This loving heart doesn’t want it.
Love why do you hate me?
Love you taught me to constantly look for the knife that’s going to stab me in the back sooner or later.
Love you taught me that I shouldn’t care as much. That I should always have my walls up.
Love why do you hate me?
I’m always so trusting with who I give this heart to.. Yet your slowly teaching me to never make that mistake again.. And that I should always have my guards ready.
Love why do you hate me?
Love let me love you!
Let me show you.
You can be happy.
Can’t you hear me screaming out for you?
Love why can’t you hear me?
Don’t hide your ears love
Love why do you hate me?
Love let me show you what love is.
Let me show you someone who cares just as much as you did.
Let me help you love like that once more.
Love don’t give up.. Just yet.
There is a heart out there missing the piece you hold so close to your heart love.
Love don’t hate me.
Come let me help you.
Grant me your hand love.
Let me guide you past your walls.
Past all the heartbreaks.
Past all the hearts you gave your love to.
They didn’t recognize that your heart is made out of the finest gold.
Let no one take that from you.
Love let me help you.
Let no heart make your heart dark or bitter.
Love let me help.
You will find the love that will work just as hard as you to keep the blood pumping between hearts.
Love let me help you.
You deserve love that will love you like no other.
A love that will never quit trying to give you the world.
A heart that makes you want to do the same.
Love let me help you.
Don’t give up yet. I know your missing piece is out there with another spirit that is holding it close.

So don’t give up on me.

I’m waiting.


12 thoughts on “Love why do you hate me?

  1. Beautiful! I understand the feeling well. My WordPress was acting up really bad yesterday. It kept freezing and throwing me out. It’s not 100% better but a lot better than yesterday. My Kindle and internet apps have been acting up now today. I think I am going to have to get a new phone which is sad because I just got this phone 2 months ago. :-(.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks im happy you likes my poem.
      Lol yeah same here. I can only sent comments and reply to some at the moment but i have another EMPYT FILES segment to post. i cant post it i have been sitting on it for weeks now.. Sigh breats the stuggle it real when you dont have a computer lol or a laptop.


      1. You’re welcome. :-). True. My laptop has a virus I think so I don’t want to try using it. I downloaded something and it started going crazy with pop ups and virus warnings and putting things on my computer that I didn’t download. I don’t understand computers so not quite sure what’s going on with it. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol i have done that sooo many times. I have even deleted the app for 3 days and it did nothing. Hopefully i can post today. I just hate saying “sorry that i havent posted in a while” for every post πŸ˜”, but it will get better 😌. Keeping my faith strong that when it does start to work right againg i will have tons of new posts.


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