Empty Files

Empty Files # 2

So it’s time for yet another segment of.. InTheLifeWithAyo’s EMPTY FILES.
Where I tell you what I loved about the product I have used up.


So just like last time I have 3 different little sections.
Face Products
Smell goods

So let’s start with my favorite FOODπŸ˜„
Okay so before you judge me. It was a cheat day when I had the food items. This time around I didn’t go crazy. Small victory for this girl πŸ™‹.

My name is Ayo and I love candy. I have a huge sweet tooth. My favorite go to candy is this Licorice strawberry and green apple RIPS. I’m am sick a sucker for licorice. I know it’s not good for me. But it’s so yummy and I don’t always eat candy but when I do this is a MUST.
Am I really the only one who loves licorice? Come on let’s be real.


Here is another one of my must have when I’m craving really unhealthy snacks. My favorite go to chips are Chester’s Flaming Hot Fries. If you also like hot, chips and fries like me why look any further it’s all right here in this bag. They are so good, yet so bad for you. I love anything HotπŸ”₯.


Gum,gum, and more gum. This will always be and empty item for me. I love to chew gum. I helps me stay focused at times, it helps me with my workouts, and when I’m taking tests lol. I always have to have more than one pack but then I turn around and it’s all gone.. I have a gum problem.


I love these Sparkling Water Beverages. I don’t really like water like that so I make infused water but I don’t have anything to make my own this time around. I went to the store and got me 2. They taste really good. It says it has no sugar but we all know it does. The favors I got were
Kiwi Strawberry

White Grape


This is my very first time using Clinique Dramatically Difference Moisturizing Lotion. This stuff is like this stuff is so amazing. It doesn’t take much so you will have this for a min. I have had mines for 6 months. It’s not as oily as other moisturizers I have used.and it doesn’t sit on your face all day. I love that part. It’s also fragrance free.


This is the Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Cleaner. It did what is was suppose to do.it worked me up as soon as it hit my face. It has this amazing fruity smell. Caffeine, lemon, and papaya can you say yumm? My skin had s nice glow to it as well as a little shimmer. I didn’t have one problem with this product. It’s has to do the the bursting beads. I found that I had to wash my face with another product to get the beads off of my face. Doing that made my face dry. But other than that I loved it. Let me know if you had the same experience with the beads if you have tried this product.


I love Body Butters. I got a bunch of them. I’m just now putting a lil dent in my collection. It’s winter time, so this is a great product to have. They are very creamy,moisturizing and deep conditioning. And they are a must have for me right out the shower. The ones that I’m so sad to see go is PURE SEDUCTION and MANGO TEMPTATION I got them from Victoria’s Secret and they smell so amazing you guys. If you love smelling amazing and creamy body butters this is a must especially during the winter.



Another Victoria’s Secret product is one of many Body Mist. This one is called SUCH A FLIRT. I love the smell. Start fruit and white orchid. I also smell a hint of white peaches but that could just be me lol. I love it.


Yes it’s yes another Victoria’s Secret product. I think it’s safe to say that I love this store. This body mist is PINK’S Warm & Cozy. I talked about it in my last EMPTY FILES.. I love it so much I had to get 2.When I smell this it makes me think of the winter season. Big chunky sweaters and Cotten candy. Yes it smells so good to me.


So my last think in my empty files. Is this little bottle of joy. I have had this for years and it’s now in my grave yard of empties. I’m so sad to see this go. It was good while it lasted. It’s called FUN. I have had this for so long I forgot where I got this from. It’s playful and fruity. And it smells like grapefruits. It reminds me of high school.


So that’s it for this segment. Let me know if you have tried any of the products that I mentioned here. And let me know if you would by them again I know I would by all of the products again.. Maybe if they come out with a morning burst with out the beads I will get it and give it a try.

Till next time. Laters 😘✌️


9 thoughts on “Empty Files # 2

      1. I even have grapefruit on my tree in my backyard! Wish I could send some to you. And Yep I had to wait a year before I started the Birch boxes. They are a gift from my dashing Dave πŸ™‚ Your empty files is a smart way to organize a post!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Getting grapefruit in the mail would be amazing and would make my day to bad we cant work that out lol. Your lucky to have a tree in your backyard. Thats great..πŸ‘ Dave. And thanks im glade you like it. I also have another artist let me know if you heard of her.. Her name is Emeli sande love her music.


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