Fitness tips #3 : 7 was to revamp your workouts

Hey it’s Ayo here with more fitness tips.


Did you currently stop working out? Are you frustrated because you hit your fitness plateau and your trying to loose that last 10-20 pounds ?? Are you board with your workout??

Well that’s okay it happens to the best of us. Even me!
So I’m here to give you 7 different workout that will do three different things.

1. These 7 workout will get your heart rate jumping.
2. It will brake your plateau .
3. It 7 different types of workout that will keep your body guessing.

So let’s get fit ladies and gentlemen it’s 2015. Time to get sexy 😉

1. Interval Training

Let me tell you this will elevate your heart rate by working really hard for a set amount of time and then you get a small brake. Guess what happens after that brake!! Yes you get right back to the work out.
It’s a great way to boost your metabolism and get your body int the mode of burning fat.

2. Plyometrics
Plyometrics are exercises that involves jumps.It great way to up your heart rate and burn off those calories. Who doesn’t want that!!!

With feet shoulder width apart, the athlete jumps, tucks their legs in, extends them, and lands.
•Alternate Leg Bounding
Run with long strides, placing emphasis on hang time.
•Box Jumps
Jump onto and off of a large box 18″ or higher.
•Vertical Depth Jump
Starting from the top of a box, jump down and back up as fast as possible.
•Plyometric Push-up
Perform a push up, but exert enough upwards force to lift the hands and body off the ground.
The split, on the contrary of what people might think, also helps the plyometrics.
Stand straight, go down to push up then get up to do a tuck jump.

3. Push it
This is for you…if your one of the many people out there who need more that 24 hours to fit in fitness. Yes you !!!
You don’t need to spend all day at the gym. You might have kids, demanding job, school the list can go on and on. I m here to say this… You can STILL get in a great workout in 20 min. Push your self hard for the next 20 min. To pump that heart rate up and crush those calories even more by switching up from your regular routine. This can also go for those who need a change in routine.

4. Run/walk

Yes running is an amazing way to raise your heart rate. It puts your body in that fat burning mode you want it to be in. You can also add a low intensity with walking or marching in between.

My personally I love this because you are in control on the intensity.. But remember to push your self.


5. High intensity

To really get that heart rate + endurance you have to PUSH yourself. A high intensity workout will take your body to a whole different level. It’s just a 40 min workout. Taking a look back at #3. If you have more than 20 min why not hit this high intensity workout? Taking small brakes here and there.




6. Jump Rope

This is such a spot yet very effective workout. It will get your heart up. You can mix up the speed according to your liking. 30 sec hight power and maybe 10 sec of low power jumping. You can do this for 10 mins. Push yourself and you will see results.

7. Push Abs and Rest
No don’t just lay there and push out your ab workout. You want engaged muscle, focused with concentration on working those abs.

Okay now I have said this in every one of my workout tip. Eat Clean. It’s so IMPORTANT. You can’t out work a bad diet.


Now you have 7 different ways to spice up your normal routine. if your one of those people that hit a plateau or your want to increase your heart rate.

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