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OOTD #10 & Fun With Hair #4

So now that my app will let me post.

Thank the heavens above. It was killing me not being able to post. Thanks for everyone who comment and talked to me on this unwanted hiatus. I feel so much closer to you. Thanks you.

I have yet to do an OOTD & a Fun With Hair post for this year. I thought why not give them 2 in 1.

Let’s starts.

Hair: Lately my hair has been rejecting All hair ties. Braking them and all. I haven’t been able to put my hair up in a pony tail for about a week. You know what I did??


Yeah I put my hair in mini ponies lol.
I showed my locs who the boss was. This girl πŸ™‹.

Face: Nothing has changed. You guys know I don’t wear make up and when I do it’s not that much. This is what I wear most day.


-Mascara. I have been loving this.. And I think it’s my new favorite.
– DIY Eye Brow Serum. I can’t find my first one I made. I’m so happy that I kept my empty Castro oil bottle. I also had enough product to make a new batch.
-Under Eye Roller. For those days when you don’t get that much sleep. Like me.


Top: my favorite see through pink with a really cute back.

I think I got this from FOREVER2.

Coat/Jacket: it’s hot out today so I paired this outfit with my DIY Vest.


Bottom: One of my favorite leggings. Yes it’s because of the leather detail on the sides.


I also don’t remember where I got these. I think I got them from FOREVER21 cause that where I get all my tights and legging from.


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