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My Day 8: I Woke Up Like This πŸ‘„

So this morning I woke up feeling like crap. I also woke up with a pair of Kylie Jenner lips.

They were super swollen. So I was in bed all day thing not to die. I was also dreaming and hoping that my lips would be better when I woke up.

So I did my yoga Day 5 post on IG. I also did Day 3 of my squats. Couldn’t do anything else cause my tummy wouldn’t let me. Put I took shots of my lips and posted my kylie jenner’s to IG.



So the lesson in this day for me.
When your rocking some Kylie Jenner’s take some Black and Whites.😘✌️


41 thoughts on “My Day 8: I Woke Up Like This πŸ‘„

      1. I’m under a comforter. I’m in Sheridan. An hour from Sacramento, Ca. I sent you 2 lipstick samples and a bottle of lotion. I bought $100 worth of samples and the caregiver we fired stole them. Everything is gone. My mom put the lotion bottle near my lotion. If I got them confused please let me know and I will send you a new bottle and more samples. I feel bad because everything has been very crazy around here. I gave everything to my Pharmacist to mail. He gets my mail for me and mails all of my mail. We have known him over 20 years. He’s doing our grocery shopping now too because our van broke down. :-(. If I did get them confused. I don’t think I did. But if I did please let me know and I will send more samples and a brand new bottle. I have to order more samples today.


      2. Cool your in cali. I probably got it today i will check now. Thats not a good caregiver its a good thing you fired them. Sorry to hear that. Lipstick and lotion now i cant wait to get the samples you sent me. What kind do you think you sent me so i can check and see if its the right kind? And 20 years is a long time that.. To build trust they sound like a great person.. I hope everything gets better for you. Im keeping you in my prayers


      3. Thank you for understanding. I sent 2 pink lipsticks. They’re the little samples. They were all I had left. I will send you new ones when I get my next order because I want to send you eye shadow also. He is a really great person. He’s one of those types of people that everyone who meets him loves him the minute you meet him. Everyone loves him. He has one of the nicest hearts you could imagine. His wife is also very nice but we don’t get along very well. There are very few women I really get to be friends with. Most of my friends are men. Thank you for praying for me. I appreciate it. I have been praying for you also. Oh, you have to hear my newest recordings. I am getting so much better with my singing. I’m supposed to sing in Sacramento on the 16th but might have to cancel. A couple of songs are a little controversial. I was not singing them to anyone. I just liked the beat of the song and didn’t think about it upsetting people. I have lost friends because of one song.


      4. Yeah mo problem thanks for the samples. I just check i didnt get it yet i will wait till monday and see and if not i will let you know. And thats awsome i need friends like that in my circle. I also dont have many girl friends and most of mines are men. I thank my brothers for that lol. Thanks for your praying for me. I will go and check them out can you send me the link again so i can listen to the new songs. What are you thinking about canceling? Really you lost friends cause of a song?? What song was it?


      5. Thanks. It’s You’re welcome. I pray for all of my friends and family. I try to pray for everyone. It was that song All About The Bass. I might have to cancel my gig in Sacramento on the 16th. Please pray I won’t have to. Yep. I really lost friends because of a song. My other friend and cousin told me they weren’t my friends if they would stop being my friend because of a song. It calls skinny women the b word. I totally didn’t even think about that part. I put warnings on my controversial songs now. Hot and Cold isn’t controversial. It has one cuss word and isn’t nice. She’s singing to her ex.


      6. Great i will give it a listen. I need to pray more myself. Im working on it. I love that song all about that bass. Its my favorite actually. And im praying that you dont cancel. I know you will have a blast singing on stage so dont cancel it. And i think there being to hard on you. Its a song you either like it or you dont.. And if you feel like not being friends because of a song they really were your friend to begin with to stop over a song


      7. Thank you. I will try not to cancel it. I love singing. Especially in front of people. It makes me want to work harder and improve my singing however I can. I need to pray more often. It’s one of my favorites also. Don’t understand why people get fussy about it. I agree. I’m not going to get upset about it. I’m going to love the people who love me and pray really hard for the haters. One guy last night told me to go out and die. I said thank you. I appreciate your feedback. That wasn’t very nice though. I will be praying for you. He didn’t reply back. It was really hard to be that nice and civil to him. I get a lot of fat cow loser. You name it, it’s been said. I’m trying to learn to not let it bother me. :-). I’m glad we’re friends. I enjoy talking with you. Too bad you live so far. It would be fun to go shopping every once in awhile. Or out to eat or something.


      8. Yeah that would be fun to go do that. But im really far away and when i move back i will be hitting the ground pretty hard. Praying is always so hard for me to do. I feel akward at time. I know i shouldnt but it do.. Im still working on it. Yeah i agree its really hard to be nice when ppl are being really mean and harsh. Im happy were friends 2. πŸ˜ƒ

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      9. Really quick. This might help. I started by reading a prayer book. Then I started with little prayers, sometimes even just oh God if I was overwhelmed. Praying is hard at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. Now I talk to God like I’m talking with you. There have been days I have gotten angry and He got an earful and it wasn’t pretty. But He loves us and can deal with my temperament. He wants us to love Him and just be real and go to Him. I have even cussed when talking to Him even though I try not too and it only happens if I’m super angry. He knows I’m human. He has let me know I need to clean up my language especially at church. I try not to cuss in church but once in awhile something slips out. I’m Italian, German, Irish and a lot of other stuff so everyone knows my temper and loves me anyways. I would definitely start with a prayer book though to kind of get an idea. I gotta get to work though. Will talk soon though. I’m glad we got to talk today. Was getting worried about you. :-). Have an awesome day.


      10. Yeah i try talking to him like i would talk to you or anyone and it feel really akward.. What pray books do you think will be a good to start with? And yeah i know my phone is off so i wasnt able to post and we also didnt have the internet. We just got it back to day and im so happy. Now i have to get back to posting on my blog super happy about that and i can chat with my blog family πŸ˜ƒ


      11. It is very hard at first. I will go and look up the prayer book I started with and try to look up a couple of others that will help and will message you the names either tonight or at the latest in the morning. I never know how my day is going to go or if my mom gets sick and needs me. She gets sick a lot. I hate not having internet. That must have been horrible. Take away the TV or whatever. Just leave my phone and internet. Lol! I don’t want anything taken though. Better not jinx myself. Lol. πŸ™‚


      12. Thanks so much and same here. I dont know how or what my day looks like till it happens so no rush if something comes up. Yeah i hate i mean hate not having a phone or the internet it killed me staying at home all day and not having anything to do. Its a good think i had books to read lol and music to listen 2


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