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Summer Camp #1: Just call me MS. Pie

Summer is right around the corner. That means 5 things for me.

1. I will soon be Cali bound.


2. I get to spend time with my family.


3. I get to be around kids 247.


4. I get to go to the best place in the world.
Camp Winnarainbow Summer Camp.

Where I’m known as Ms Pie. πŸ™‹. Yes that’s ME.

5. It’s time for B-SIP MODE.
Big- Show Idea Planning Mode. I have to plan 5 shows for the summer.


This year I wanted to do something different with my big shows this summer. I want them to be more theatrical.. I want to add dance numbers and skits and of course the gymnastic passes.

At Camp Winnarainbow we have 5 sessions.
Session A : One Week
Session B : Two Weeks
Session C : Two Weeks
Session D : Two Weeks
Session E : Two Weeks

I have to plan out 5 shows and I only have 2 down already to go. Sessions E & D are good to go. Now I just have to work on A,B, and C to go. That’s why I have been MIA on my blog sorry for that. I’m in TEACHER MODE. Just call me Ms PIE.

Big show brake down.

Session A : Little Pigs


Session B : Good Vs Wicked



Session C : Pink Panther’s diamond heist.


Session D : Good Night Tipi


Session E : The House Of Dollz


I can’t wait till I get to camp to see if I can make these big shows happen like I have them planned out.

Do you have any ideas for songs and skits for…
Sessions A Little Pigs
Sessions B Good vs Wicked
Sessions C Pink Panther’s Diamond Heist

Please let me hear them. Because I’m not sure how I can work them just yet. Any help with music, costumes and skits will help.


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