My fitness routine

This year I’m really going to dive back into my workouts and healthy living.

I must say that it’s going great so far. I have been doing a lot of fitness tips. So I thought to myself.. Why not give you a look into what I do to keep fit.
Keep in mind I’m getting back into my fitness routine so it’s nothing crazy.. for now.πŸ˜‰



I’m going to working on being more focused on my fitness,mind,body and soul. I want to revamp myself.

So let’s get into it.

Sleep,meditation and hydration:

Now I struggle with insomnia.


So trying to get me to sleep is like trying to get a vegetarian to eat a piece of meat.

Yes it’s very hard for me to go to sleep early or at all for that matter. To help with that I have been getting myself ready hours early and getting right into bed. Let’s be honest here my trying to go to sleep early looks like this.

β€’Me up reading for hours.

β€’Me checking emails and responding to them.

β€’Me on social media.

β€’Me playing games.

β€’Me listening to music and closing my eyes and praying that I fall asleep.
This on seems to work for me. I usually wake up when I don’t hear the music anymore, which means my ear buds fell out.


So far the music thing is the only thing that works. So that’s the method I use to get to sleep.

When I finally wake up. I stretch out and close my eyes for a mini meditation.

This is when I focus on my breathing and do a mental gratitude check. I also drink my first full cup of water.

My Fitness Routine:

I recently started doing yoga for almost a month. I do it in the morning or at night. I started the #30 days of yoga series on YouTube.


I’m also following the yoga family on INSTAGRAM. It’s been amazing to have so many people willing to help you out on your journey. All the love makes you want to keep going.
It’s also been a good way to start and end my day on GOOD VIBES.
I wish I would have started this journey. Better late than never.


Since I started my #30 days of yoga on my Instagram. I have been welcomed into the yoga community on IG. I was asked to join the #BeStrong for 2015 yoga pose challenge.


I’m a complete beginner. I have been receiving so much help on my poses and so much love on my post on IG. I feel so much stronger now.

Here are some of the poses I posted to my Instagram.


Blogilaties :

I also started this last month. I try to do this either right after I get done with yoga or right a min after lunch. This will work your body out. I’m telling you now. I should have done this a while back. I’m doing it now so that’s all that matters.

I love this app it’s like a mini fitness community. You can support others, you can add a recipes. You can try the recipes already on the app. You can choose your workout for a list of workouts she has. If you want to monthly challenge you can do the monthly calendar she sends out or the one she puts on the app.

My favorite parts to workout Abs and Legs:

So my friend and I are doing challenges. He gave me a squats and abs challenge to do. I have him a push up and abs challenge to do. We do this together everyday to keep each other motivated. And it’s been amazing. I like working out with friends. It makes you workout harder. I also have a lot of stairs at my apartment so I do stair workouts every now and then.
Squats. Ladies you have to squat.
Now this is kind of a challenge to me. My ribs don’t like doing these workouts. But I struggle through it and get it done.


Now that’s something I’m still working on. My boyfriend doesn’t like to eat the things that are healthy and good for you. So I’m still trying to work that into my workout routine. Clean eating is a must for getting yourself fit an healthy. I say this a lot you can’t out work a crap diet. Abs are made in the kitchen my loves remember that.

Well that is my little work out routines. I would love to join a crossfit gym.. Hell a gym period would be nice I like to work out with weights to help build my body and take off fat at the same time. But the most important thing is that I’m starting.

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