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Life Tips #1: Getting a better night sleep.


Now Its very hard for me to sleep at night. I have experimented with a lot of different tips and tricks trying to get myself to sleep. What works for me might not work for you. Your bedtime schedule/routine, bad habits,and lifestyle plays a huge part in the quality of your sleep you get every night.
So I thought I would share the tips and tricks I have used over the years.


#1: Stick to the same sleep schedule sleep/wake time even on the weekends.

#2: try writing down all the worries you have that might be keeping you up.

– I tried this will my campers and it did wonders. Most of their worries were not being picked for a certain class. Or missing hot coco in the morning.

#3: start a relaxing bedtime ritual.


Like reading, taking a hot relaxing bath,listening to music, and drink you a cup of tea.

#4: Especially if you are an insomniac like me.. Avoid naps in the day.

#5: Pray before you go to sleep.


#6: Fix up your room for a better sleep environment.

#7: Meditate.

#8: Sleep on comfortable bedding.


#9: Working out daily.

-I like to do my hard workout around the time I start to wind down for bed. I get a nice sweat going take a nice hot bad and then I’m in bed counting sheep lol.

#10: Avoiding light in the evening. Expose yourself to sunlight during the morning.

#11: Turn off every light in your room.

#12: Avoid smoking cigarettes drinking alcohol and have meals at night.

#13: Grab you a good old-fashioned book.. Sorry nothing with a back light like and iPad.

-this seems to work for me sometimes. I get a book with really long chapters and try and read the whole chapter.. But I’m out before I get to the next chapter.

#14: Listen to music. If you can’t listen to music with the lyrics because you want to sing along I suggest classical music.

– I found that this works best for me. I stated this when I first started having a hard time going to sleep. I have to have music to go to sleep. It’s a must or I’m tossing and turning all night. I sleep with music that has lyrics. I play side R&B songs. I add some of my favorite songs and I only wake up if a ear bud falls out lol.

#15: Drink a glass of water.

– I know that might sound crazy. But it works. Sometimes you can go to sleep cause your throat is dry or scratchy. This was also another trick I used on my nephew when he was younger.

#16: In your dark room. Rub between you eyebrows. Breathing in deep.

– I do this to my nephew when he was a little chunkster. Then it was lights out after 5 min.

#17: Grab you a glass of warm milk.


#18: When all else fails.. It’s time to take it back to the simple things. Get ready for bed an hour or 30 min before your actual bed time and just lay in the dark.

Well that’s all the tips and trick I have done throughout my years. I hope this helps someone get a better night’s sleep.

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