My Day

My Day #9

So today I woke up and took a sky picture because I loved the way they looked this morning.

Processed with Moldiv
Then I got right into writing for day 14 which was the last day of the exercise part A in the book that I’m reading. Where I write the first thing that comes to mind right when I wake up and read it all on day 14 and see if I see any patterns/ themes in my writing.

If you haven’t checked out my “what I’m currently reading” post I’ll be sure to leave the link so you can go check it out.

After that I did some much-needed yoga while he was at the gym. Yoga this morning was amazing my body really needed it.

Processed with Moldiv
Right after that I started to make breakfast when he walked in the door. Perfect timing.

Processed with Moldiv
I also made him a protein shake.

Processed with Moldiv
As he was getting ready to leave. Making a mess in the house no doubt. I started to clean up the house.

Processed with Moldiv
Then I decided to work on my upcoming blog post. I have been really good about posting lately which I’m proud of. I worked on them for a couple of hours.

Processed with Moldiv
Lol it’s a process but I love doing it and I’m so happy you guy like reading my blogs 😊 thanks you.
After that I wanted to do my 2nd workout of the day which would be my hard full body sweat workout.
Yes it made me sweat.

Processed with Moldiv
I hoped into the shower got cleaned up and payed in bed and watched a movie.

I also got to catch up on my 2 fav family vloggers on YouTube.
# The LaVigne Life
# The Nive Nulls

Processed with Moldiv
Now Its time for me to meditate.

After that I’m going to wind down with some candy crush.

While I sing along with my favorite songs.

Processed with Moldiv
Never mind my crazy high ponytail it’s my blog hair lol. It get my locks off my neck. And it works for me lol.

Well that was my day hope you lovely had a great day and I hope that you did something that made you sweat.

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