Would You Rather: Fitness Tag

So me and my friend made a tag for all my fitness bloggers out there. But it’s really for everyone. I hope you enjoy.

1. Would you rather…wear cute gym clothes or old sweats and a long T-shirt??

Cute workout clothes. I have to look cute to workout. It makes me work harder. It also makes it easier for me to see what I’m working out. Plus I can’t stand to work out in sweats and a long T-shirt.

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2. Would you rather…be next to ” The Stomper” or the ” Loud Gym Rat”?

Man.. Idk I think I would have to pic the gym rat. I can’t at least turn my music up and try and block out the grunts lol. I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at the stomper.. Like ” really must you stomp so loud?”


3. Would you rather…be corrected on your form or be asked to help with form?

Um I don’t know I think I would hate both but if I had to choose I would say.. I hate being corrected on my form in the gym.

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4. Would you rather…listen to a Podcast or Music?

I like to play music while I’m working out. Did you know..Working out with music Increases your endurance by 15% and Fasts temple music during training business performance by 15%. Plus it make my workouts fun and that’s always a plus.


5. Would you rather…read a book or watch the tv when running on a treadmill?
I like to catch up on my tv shows my favorite to watch are the news and Seinfeld.

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6. Would you rather…shower at the gym or at home?
Shower at home. I can’t do the shower at the gym stuff. I’m not about that life lol.


7. Would you rather… Eat before your workout or after?
I like to eat after I workout. I found out that when I eat before my workout I feel to full or I get cramps.
Even when I eat something small before I workout. That’s why I just eat after my workout.

Great pic of The Rock.. Love him.

8. Would you rather…workout outdoors or indoors?

I like to workout indoors. So that I can do more thinks like lifting weights and all that. But I also like to workout outdoors so I can do some hills and stairs workouts. I guess I like to do both.


9. Would you rather…workout by yourself or with a group?

I like to workout by myself. I like to go at my own tempo. To work on my form and my workout. I like to stay focused on me and my goals. I feel like I do that more when I workout by myself.


10. Would you rather…use weights or no weights?

Most definitely weights. I love them and I can’t wait to add them to my workout plan in May.


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