What’s In My Bag: Gym Edition 

I have been doing a lot of fitness  posts. There will be more so heads up :-). I thought it would be fun to show you what’s in my gym bag. I mostly work out at my apartment but once I’m back in cali I’ll be going to the gym hopefully. Let’s get into my gym bag. 


This is my pink, gray, and white under armor fitness bad. I love this bag. It has four compartments. I love how much space this bag has. You will see why soon. 

This is why I love the space in my gym bag. 
Lol and no I don’t take all of this to the gym with me. If I’m going to the gym i usually repack it the night before and leave it by my front door. If I’m working out at home I just take out where ever I’m using for that workout. 
So let’s start with this compartments.

So from left ↔️ right I have.

  • System 6- 6 Weeks body transformation calendar 

  • The yellow paper is my old gym membership lol. 😒Need to put that in the trash .
  • My lock and key for a locker at the gym.
  • My lil blue workout book. It’s filled with different workouts and challenges. If you haven’t look at at my first challenge. Check it out and join me on this 90 day challenge. Link below ⬇️

  • My earphones for my music of course. I have to listen to music when I’m working out. It’s a MUST! 

Moving on to the right compartment of my bag.

Yes I’m trying out Hip Hop Abs. It’s fun for right now. It’s important to change up your workouts.

  • My Hip Hop Abs DVD’s 
  • My Beach Body weighted gloves
  • All of my braces to help with my knee,ankle and wrist
  • My boxing gloves that match my gym bag

Now the middle compartment. 

It’s a lot so let’s brake it down.

When I go to the gym to workout i usually bring to bottoms to workout in. Depending on my workout  I will pick shorts or pants but that is decided when I get to the gym. That’s when I know for sure what I’m working  in the gym that day. I like to pack my outfit for when I’m working out either at home or the gym. If it’s out and ready to go I’m more inclined to workout 

  • My beat down gym shoes.

Which matches my gym bag lol I didn’t not plan for my gym bag, boxing gloves and gym shoes to match. It’s just really funny that they do lol. 

  • My sock 
  • My Nike sports bra 
  • My Nike Pro shorts
  • My Nike pants
  • My “vegetarian have more fun” shirt

Funny thing about this shirt my best friend. She is a vegetarian and I’m a meat eater. A couple of years back we bought each other shirts for Christmas like the one in the pic above.. And we craked up.. We didn’t plan it at all. 

Sorry can’t seem to find a pic of the shirt I bought her but this is what it said.

Her shirt said : “Meat eaters have more fun”

Mines said: “vegetarian have more fun” 

Now on to the equipment I workout with at home. It’s not a lot but it gets the job done.

  • Lifeline usa cables (purple and red)
  • Ab roller
  • Resistance band
  • My valslides 

Now if you don’t know what those are I will give you a close up. They are amazing I definitely recommend them to everyone.

To get your valslides visit. Go get you a pair and see how it ups your home workouts.

  • My Toe•Kini 

To protect the balls of my feet when I want to work on my leaps, jumps and turns in the gym or at home.

  • Hair ties.. You cN never have to many
  • My blender bottle 

For my protein shakes. For both before and after my workouts.

Now let’s move to the left compartment. Where I keep all the important items for both home and gym workouts. 

  • My ActiVit Vitamins
  • Sweet Sweat

I use this to make me sweat more. 

  • My current book that I’m reading

I read my book when I run on the treadmill , the stair climber and the bikes.

  • Pink body mist

Now I use these items after my workouts.

  • Towel 

I was my face before and after my workouts. I like to start and finish with a clean face.

  • My dual action Moisterizer 
  • Deodorant 
  • And my hair oil 

So that’s it for my gym bag. I know it’s a lot of stuff.  Remember I change it out depending on where I’m working out. It’s not always filled with stuff like it is now.

This is all the stuff I have in my gym bag.. I forgot to add the items that are in my front compartment. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Now what’s in your gym bags????

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