Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

OOTD #11: Black &White Smiles

 Hey guys I hope your ready to see what I’m wearing.. This week is all about what I’m wearing and a fitness challenge so look out for those 2. 

Let’s get started with OOTD#11.
Let’s start with the jacket.
I got this button up at a thrift store a year or 2 ago. I love the detail in the back.

It has a lil peak-a-boo detail in the back. I love it and I have to get it. It was only $2 dollars.
My T shirt I got almost 2 years ago at a flee market I got my bf one for guys but her never wears it. 

And I’m taking it back with my beetle juice pants. Loves these. 

And this was my OOTD #11. It was very laid back.

Hope you liked it. 
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2 thoughts on “OOTD #11: Black &White Smiles

  1. these are all so cool!! i love the little cut out in the back of the first shirt – so unexpected 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    Liked by 1 person

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