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Problems with my wordpress

hey guys. I don’t know if you can see the pics on my last post or not. I have been going crazy trying to see why they aren’t posting with the blog.

Please let me know if you can see the pictures within my blog and not just the thumbnail. 

Thanks for liking my blog pose even when my last post seems to be just word. If you see pics in my blog post that isn’t my thumbnail just comment I see the pics and it will easy my mind. 

Lol  I have been doing really good about posting every day. Hoping I can keep that up. 


11 thoughts on “Problems with my wordpress

    1. Why is this happening to me. 😩 I feel like my blog isn’t really me with out the pics. I’m happy you keep reading even tho you didn’t see any pics. That makes me happy. πŸ˜„ thanks so much for the love and support… when my blog is driving me crazy YET AGAIN!

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      1. It can definitely take awhile so keep at it. Also, the first time I got in touch with them, their email to let me know they answered on the board, got dumped in my trash. So now, I just make sure to check their page daily for updates. Hang in there!

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      2. Yes, at the bottom of this link there is a “get help” button. It will direct you to search for answers first (from their online documents) then it will send you to the forums. Once you post on the forum, your question will have it’s own page where communication happens. There’s a way to have emails sent to you when correspondence happens (check a box?) My best guess is that since you had no problem with uploading pictures before but now you do, there’s a tech glitch on their end that they can help you with. And you’re very welcome…we’re learning about WP together πŸ˜€

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