Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

OOTD #15: I love my black white and gold 

Hey I’m hope your ready for my OOTD#15. Sorry it’s out so late we just got back in the house. 

Tonight was a date night. We just went out for dinner and a movie. Let’s get into it. 

My Hair

I decided to wear my hair in braids because it seems like it’s always down. I wanted something different. 

And I used these products for my hair. 

 I used the Island Oil for shine Nd to make my hair smell good. I used No More Itch Geo Spray for my braids. 

But I quickly changed my mind after I got dressed and took my braids out and you know how the rest goes. If it’s not broke don’t fix it lol.

My Face

I started with a clean face.. Duh lol then I used my favorites 

  • Oil-free Moisture by Neutrogena 
  • Fixed my eyebrows 
  • Then I used  Scandaleyes Rockin Curves by Rimmel
  • Then I used my Skin Renew Anti-Puff eye Roller by Garnier 
  • Finally I added some color with As You Want Victoria lipstick by Rimmel 

My Jewelry:

I kept it simple. He gave me the earrings years back. I got the ring when I was away at my summer job. I love this ring. 

My Purse

I love this back its my favorite small bag. I love big bags because you can fit the world into them. Small bags you can’t put that much into them. This bag was callin my name. “Ayo..pssss Ayo.. You know you want to buy me!” 

It was right lol so I got it. I got it online and sadly I don’t remember where I got it from I wish I did I loved their bags. 

My Jacket

It’s my black blazer from Forever21. I got it for my birthday some years back. 

 My Top

I got this from a flee market and I thought it was pretty cool. I also got him one but he never wears it. 

My Pants

White pants. I got them from and online store don’t know the name I need to find them. I love third pants. 

My Shoes

It was date night so I decided to put on some heels. 

I like the later they added on the front. 

Well that’s was my OOTD #15. I hoped you enjoyed it. 


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