Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

OOTD #16: Green Army Girl 

Hey I hope you are ready to see another OOTD #16. Today I helped one of my neighbors move from right next to my apartment to another apartment with in the lil community we live in. It was raining so I had to bundle up. 

So let’s get into this O-O-T-D #16 

Hair/ Head Gear

My hair is done it’s raining so why do anything with it was the moto for today. 

The Beanie I’m wearing is one I made myself. I have a company called Besos Beanies where I make scarves and beanies. If your interested in getting your very own Besos Beanies  please let me know and I will do a post on all the ones in my inventory and we can go from there. 

My Top/ Jacket:

Like I said in the into it was raining all day and I was helping a neighbor more. In order for me to be helpful I HAD to be warm. So I have a white tank top under the sweater can’t see it, so I didn’t show it. 

My sweater is a NorthFace sweater. It started off with white letters but they started to peel and I hate that. Let me know if you hate it when that happens too. Anyway it started to peel so I helped it out a lot by doing it for my sweater and It came out like this. I like it much better like this.

Pssss.. NorthFace make your sweater like this with out that  peeling material you guys put over the letters.

I got this lovely leather jacket a year or two back when I was going some “Window Shopping” lol I saw this beauty and I said if it’s my size I’m getting it. It was my size….the fit was amazing and the rest was history lol one of my favorite jackets.

My Bottoms:

My green pants I got from a online store I found on IG but I can’t find the IG page to save my life. I love their pants. They are so comfy and colorful which I love. Need to find that page. 

Well that is my OOTD# 16

Lol you know what I should have worn this on st. Patrick’s Day. It slipped my mind but hey there is always next year right?? 

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