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Juicing Recipes #1 

We all know how important it is to add fruits and veggies to our diet. I know a way you can add it into your diet without eating a huge bowl of salad everyday.


I guess you know what I’m talking about because you saw the title of this post. Yes I am talking about you juicing.



 Here are some benefits of juicing. 

  1.  It helps with weight loss 
  2.  It boost immunity
  3.  Better digestion
  4.  It helps you sleep better 
  5.  Did creases your allergies
  6.  Helps with women issues
  7.  House with chronic illnesses
  8.  Balance your skin conditions
  9.  It helps to give you held your hair
  10.  Improve the strength of your nails
  11.  Decreases your body odor
  12.  Increases your energy level
  13.  Decreases the need for medications
  14.  Mental, emotional, and spiritual health

I wanted to add this to the fitness section of my blog

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  Healthy food hauls 
And now I’m adding Juicing Recipes to the mix. I working towards one goal and that is getting you nice Healthy and Fit. Starting next week on Sunday. I’ll be giving you guys juicing recipes to help kick start your week. 
Let’s get started with the first post of my new segment. 
Juice Recipe Number 1



Juice Recipe Number 2

Cayanne Pepper, Lemonade,Agave,Purified Water
* It’s like a spicy lemonade. 

Juice Recipe Number 3
Watermelon,Chia Seeds

*You juice the watermelon and then add the chia seeds to the juice from the watermelon 

Juice Recipe Number 4



Juice Recipe Number 5
Ginger, Apple,Lemon

Juice Recipe Number 6
Raw Almonds,Raw Honey,Water,Himalayah Sea Salt
* almond milk 
I hope you liked this post on Sunday I will be doing 6 more juicing recipes. 
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