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March Monthly Favorites #1

Hey I’m back with My Monthly Favorites for MARCH. 
So let’s get into this. I have some different categories lets brake it down. 
Food,TV shows,
Apps,Books,Clothing,Beauty Products, Places,People and the my favorite things I have been doing this month.
Favorite Foods..
 I have been eating so much fruits and vegetables this month. It’s been amazing. 
 Sriracha Hot Sauce/ Carrots
Pepper Jack Cheese / Champagne salad dressing 
My Jug Life 
Favorite TV Shows…
I have been going crazy over the shows I’m going to share with you. There my favorites. It’s a mix of TV shows, Netflix, YouTube yes.. YouTube. 

So mad that I have to wait for the next season lol. 
House of Cards 
Law & Order / Once Upon A Time 
UnbreakABLE Kimmy Schmidy 
Criminal Minds / The Fall
YouTube: I love watching family blog. They are so cute and loving. The kids are also really cute. 
Favorite Apps…
Social Networks
You can follow me on all of my social networks. I love connecting and talking to you all. I’m also starting a YouTube channel so when I set that up I will let you know. Please support me in that as well. 


You can ask me questions or just talk to me. 

FrontBack/ Duolingo/Elevate/Charity Miles


Followers +/Hootsuite /24me/Productivity 


LakeWook Church/ Bible 

Favorite Books…
Now I have been into talking and building my relationship with God. I’m going on a new journey and I know I can’t do it by myself so I’m putting all of my worries and doubts into God and it feels amazing. And I’m learning how to write down what I want and working hard on getting it.
The bible / I Declare by Joel Osteen / Write it Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser 
Favorite Clothing…
Yes I love this month because I can start wearing dresses. I always wear tights and let’s be honest I live in workout clothes.
My Dresses 
My Tights 
My Workout Gear
Favorite Beauty Products…
I use these products everyday.
 Neutrogena’s Baby Oil / Oil Free Moisture w/ Sub screen  
Island Oil / Baby Bedtime Lotion
Yes I use this lotion lol don’t judge me
Soap from Ambi / Rimmel London lipstick / Gernier Skin Renew Anti -Puff Eye Roller/ Scandaleyes Rocking Curves Mascara 
Summer’s Eve Delicate Blossom
Favorite Places…
 Oh how I miss you. I can’t wait to come back to you.  
My Little Sun Corner 
This is where the magic happens. I plan my day here, I listen to the word here, I work on blogs here, I do yoga here. This is where I have me time in the mornings. 
Favorite People…
My family 
All of you here on WordPress 😊 
My friend Amelia. She has been a great friend and I’m made that we got close and now I’m moving but that’s okay. It’s okay I have a new friend to link up with. 
And the last person on my favorite peoples list is ….. ME!  I love that I’m unshakable.. No matter what I go through in life I know that God made me.  I’m always going to be enough through his eyes. 
Favorite things I have done this month…
1. I have been really organized this month and that’s has allowed me to get a lot done.
2. I have been really productive this month.
3. I haven’t let fear stop me.
4. I had my first fitness client started yesterday ending in May.
5. I have gotten closer to God and I have been praying and talking to him more. 

Well that’s it I hope you liked this really long post filled with pics and hopefully new products,apps, and TV shows you will check out. 
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