Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

OOTD #17 Layered Up

Hey happy Saturday. I’m back with another OOTD. It was a windy day so I Layered Up. Let’s get into it. 



Nothing special my hair is still holding on to the curls for 5 Days now so I’m really happy about that. Nothin on my face it was a wash and go face day for me. 

Outfit brake down




Top: My top is a grey. From Forever21


Bottoms: are my favorite acid wash jeans also from Forever21. 


Check out those colorful socks. 

Coat (s) first layer : Is my red and black flannel.


 The second layer: My army green jacket.


Shoes: My Jordan’s 

Bag: just a lil back pack for my book and work and of course my #JugLife.. It goes where I go till its done. 

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