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Fitness Challenge #4: Fat Melting, Muscles Building Dumbbell Blast Circuit Workout

whhhh try saying that name 5 times fast lol. 

I don’t know about my lovely followers. I know that I would love to get rid of fat and build muscles. Yes I’m about that life and I hope you are too. I did this workout and  I wanted to share it with you. Yes it’s a killer. It will definitely melt the fat while building muscles. Go get changed, tie up those shoes, grab that towel.. Yes don’t forget that water. 

  Make sure you warm up with 5mins of light cardio. Get that heart rate up.

Workout Brake Down: 

There are 3 Circuit. Each circuit has 3 different workouts.

•For the beginners I want you to  try 5 reps. Doing all 3 circuits for 1round . 

•For the intermediate give me 10 reps. Doing the all 3 circuits for 2 rounds. 

•For the advance give me 15 reps. Doing all 3 circuits 3 times. 

By all means if you want to do the advance to challenge your self go for it just. Kill it but I need you to listen to what your body is telling you. 

With all of that being said lets sweat! Let’s grab those Dumbbells. 
                         Circuit #1

Alternating Plank rotations

If your have bad wrist like me you can do this on your forearms.  Keeping the abs tight. Breathing when your in the plank position. Breathing out when you rotate lifting that arm. Holding for 2 sec. 

Single Leg Scarecrows 


This will work on your balance along with the shoulders. Keep your abs tight. Breathing in with your up. Breathing out when your arms go down.

Balancing tips: try to focus on something that will not more. 

Squat, Curl and Press


Keep toes abs tight. Knees behind your feet. Feet slightly turned out. Breathing out into your squat. Breathing in while you curl and yes you guessed it breathing out when you do your press. Returning to  the starting position and repeat. 

End of Circuit: rest for 1 min. 

                         Circuit #2

Lying Chest Flies

Keep your abs tight. Breathing in bringing arms back. Holding for 2 sec. Breathing out when your arms come together.Holding for 2 sec. You can leave your legs like this. If you want to challenge your self you can.. Bring legs together and life them up like your resting them in a chair. Usein  

Lying Overhead Reach

Keeping abs tight.  Get a weight that’s not too heavy. You don’t want to drop the Dumbbells on your face. So be careful. Breathing out as you bring the weights to your head. Holding for 1 sec.  Breathing in when you return to the start position. Leg position is up to you. 

Russian Twist

Keep third abs tight. You can cross your ankles and lift your legs and lean back as far as you can go be careful not to hurt your lower back. And when you twist EVERYthing on your upper body goes with the twist. I know the guy in the pic isn’t doing it. If you do this you will get a better twist on your obliques. Breathing in for 2 sec when you are looking forward getting ready to twist. Breathing out when you twist holding for 2 sec and back to starting position. 

End of Circuit: rest for 1 min. 
                        Circuit #3

Reverse Lunge w/ Press

Keeping abs tight. Breathing in with the start position with Dumbbells up. Breathing out while your lunging back and doing your press. Making sure your knee is lines up with your ankle. Holding you lunge and press for 1 sec. 

Plank w/ alternating Arm Kick backs 


Keeping abs tight. Make sure your shoulders and wrist are lines up and fingers are spread out to support your wrist.   Breathing in when you raise your arm like picture B. Breathing out as you kick that arm back holding for 2 sec. Like in pictures C. Returning back to picture B. 

Weighted Squats 


Keeping abs tight. Holding your weight like in the picture. Maybe you want to add a heavy weight for this exercise. Breathing out as your squat down. Making sure to keep your knees and ankles stacked. Squating as low as you can. Holding for 2 sec. Breathing in as you return to the start position. Squeezing your glutes.

There you have it. You should be sweating now. Remember to do a quick cool down. 

I hope you loved this fat burning, muscles building workout. 

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