My Day · Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

My Day #11  W/. Workout OOTD #18

Today was a really chill day I stayed home most of the day.  


I spent time talking my friend Justin on Tango. He is going through something with his wife. 


I wanted to go on a run but the rain stopped me. 


I settled for a mini stairs workout in my house shoes lol. 


Then I did some hot yoga on my house. Which was super fun lol. My house was really hot.. I loved it 😊. 


Today was a cheat meal day for me so I ate some food.. And watched Paddington the movie. It was really good. Wish I had my lil Chunky Monkey here to watch it with me. I can’t wait to see him when I go back home. 


I then went to work with a client and she had her kids. Needless to say we didn’t workout but we did play a game of old fashion kickball. 


Which later turned into kickball in the rain. Which was really fun. 



That was really fun. It made me feel like a kid again. 

Well I’m might as well do a workout outfit OOTD 

Coat: NorthFace pull over.


Top: Army Fatigue shirt I got from a friends MMA fight we went to 



Bottoms: Black Sweats Pants. I have had these for a while. 


And my beat up running shoes lol. I have had these shoes for a min. 


Well that’s it for the day didn’t do much. But that’s okay with me. It was still a very good day. 

Oh and I’m done with my #JugLife day 10. 


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