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Juice Idea (6) #3 

hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been blogging for the past 2/3 days. I’m helping a friend deal with a possible divorce and he isn’t taking it well.. But I’m happy to say he is doing MUCH better. 😄 I’m so happy. It’s going to be hard but he is working through and that’s what matters. 

Well that’s enough talking. I have 6 juicing ideas for you to tryout all of them have kale in them except for one. Why because everyone needs kale in their life. 


Let’s get juicing 😄

Juice Idea #1


Apples, Carrots, Pear

Juice Idea #2



Juice Idea #3


Watermelon and mint

This is a really refreshing juice to drink. 

Juice Idea #4 



Orange,Kale, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger

Juice Idea # 5




Juice Idea #6




Well that’s it for this post again I’m sorry that I miss a day or two. When a friend is hurting is best to be with them in their time of need. 

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