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Fitness Challenge #7: New Challenges for the month of May

Hey April is over and done now it’s May and I have been asked to do another challenge for this month so I took to Facebook and  Instagram. I came up with this idea with ideas from my friends. 

The “Miles 4 May Cardio Challenge ”

Take A Pictures or Videos to let me know your joining this challenge. With the #M4MCC 

I’m trying to work on a collaboration with an app. 

   Like I said I’m trying to link up with the App Charity Miles for this months fitness challenge . If you don’t know about them I have some info: 

•Charity Miles is a FREE app for iPhone users. Sorry it’s not compatible with android… Yet!!
•This app lets you earn corporate sponsorship for the CHARITY you pick just by Walking or Running. 
•This app will measure your distance earning the charity you picked MONEY.  25 cents per mile just for walking or running. 

Run or Walk for your favorite charity for this months Fitness Challenge: Miles 4 May Cardio Challenge 👟👣tures or Videos to let me know your joining this challenge. 

With the #M4MCC 


This challenge started today. 

The next challenge that starts tomorrow is the 30 Day Leg Challenge 


 I hope you join me in this months challenge. 

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