My Day

My Day #12

So today has been a pretty chill day for me. I got up at  

 And I started my  

 •Wake up •Wash face •Look at to do list •Grab my #JugLife •Workout •Shower •Get dressed •Clean up the house 

Just to name a few things. Then we got up and we went to go check out a gun range.   

This place was nice. It had an amazing jewelry in the middle of the gun range. Losts of diamonds.. I guess it’s a good place for them to be lol nonetheless they were beautiful diamonds. Then we went to his grandmother’s house. Where I ran on this beauty. 


Yes she old but she got the job done. I ran 5.5 miles on this baby for the second day of my #M4MCC aka Miles 4 May Cardio Challenge  

             As you can see the sweat was real. I also started the other challenge for the month of May Which is Legs 4Days Challenge which is geared more towards my friends that are getting more into fitness.  It was too easy for me so I switch it up and did 3 rounds.

Day 1: 
•6 Squats ( I did Jump Squats 3 sets)
•6 Lunges ( I did front back Lunges for each leg for 3 sets)
•6 Calf Raises ( I did my Calf Raises 3 different ways for 3 sets)
Now I’m ending my night watching the fight at his grandmother’s house.
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