Moments in my life

It’s May countdown madness 

Well it’s May Countdown madness. Starting to countdown for…
  1. Moving back to Cali
  2. Starting my summer job ( working period) 


Can you tell I’m super excited??
 Well I am lol. 
I will be moving back to Cali.. May 24,2015. Ga was fun but I’m a true Cali girl at heart. 
I want this date to come fast.. 17 more days. I’m super excited. I get to be there for my Chunky’s birthday.  


 I get to spend the day with him and I get to STAY no going back to GA for this girl. I don’t know what God has planned for me but right now I’m staying in Cali. 
It’s going to be a crazy rest of 2015 for me.  I get back home and hopefully my family is moving into our new place and it’s organized as much as possible. Fingers crossed it not that crazy when I come to help out.  Maybe a week or 2 I’m going right to my summer job to start set up and training for the summer. 


 Where I will be surrounded by family, friends and campers.
I will be going back to school.  


Haven’t found a school just yet I have to go down there and see. I will be back in school. 
I’m also working on starting up my businesses.  

 Also I will be working on Me still working on self love and building my brand. 

As far as Love goes 

  …well we’re both going to have to wait and see how that plays out. But in the mean time I will be dating…MYSELF mostly. If I’m still with my boyfriend cool. If I’m not cool. 

The second countdown is for camp. 

My summer job starts June 4,2015. 

Let me tell you I can’t wait to get to work. I love working whether I’m 

  • Working on a beanie/scarf set for a client.
  • Doing a clients locs.
  • Watching the cutest lil kiddos.
  • Helping my mother with her theater troop.

-Acting, Director’s Assistant, Stahe hand or Stage Manager 

  • Working on my blog InTheLifeWithAyo😘✌️
  • Now I’m also working on starting a  YouTube Channel… “LifeWithAyo”


From all of that I’m sure you can tell I like to stay busy.  And not being able to do things was slowly driving me crazy.  


It sucks that I make a friend when I’m getting ready to leave. She is now a fitness client of mines till I leave. She is doing a great job doing my workouts and she looks amazing. I’m going to miss her and her lil boy. 
I can’t wait to see my family and to work all summer. Oh and eat a tone of fruits  


😋 yummy
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