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Healthy Mini Fruit Haul #2 

Hey sorry I haven’t really posted a lot this pass couple of days. My phone is finally back on and my internet has been acting up…again 😒 

I’m trying to get ready for my move back to Cali and I’m really excited only 10 more days not counting today and I’m not counting the day I land in Cali. Let’s get to this mini food haul.  Now I’m trying to eat more fruit and veggies but he doesn’t eat veggies or fruits.  I got them for me mostly. I want to share a couple of my faves with you. 

And how I eat them… Let’s get started. 

I love grapefruits. I can eat a whole bag lol. I eat them in the morning with eggs sandwich with some carrots along side these amazing grapefruits. 

Baby Cut Carrots. I can eat  these any time of the day. There nice and small and they taste amazing. I usually eat these as I’m doing my morning walks or after I’m done working out.


I love watermelon. I can’t definitely eat a whole watermelon by myself. Also like to eat this both before and after my workouts. To help easy soreness after a hard workout . Checkout my 6 juicing ideas involving watermelon. If you haven’t already ⬇️ 

Green apples are my favorite type of apples. They are really crisp,sweet and sour. I can’t get enough of them. When watching a movie at home I cut up 2-3 apples instead of eating popcorn. So I guess you can call this my go to movie snack. 
Raspberries are a great frozen treat on a very hot day and today was one of thoes hot days.. I like to pair it with frozen blueberries and grapes but I didn’t see any grapes that I liked so I didn’t get any.

Like I was saying earlier I like to mix my berries and freeze them to make a nice bowl of frozen mixed Berry salad and it’s also kid friendly. Just made sure they they sit out for a min. 

You can also mash them up and they kids can make a nice smacked mix berry ice cream. 

Well I hope you liked this mini food haul. 

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